Dead Space New Screenshots and Trailer (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Dead Space is a space horror themed game that draws inspiration from the movies Thing and Event Horizon. Dead Space is set to hit shelves at your local gaming store on October 14th 2008. Until then check out these screenshots and video.

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ChrisGTR13586d ago

i dont know if this game is worth it. seems like a rental

Drekken3586d ago

Definitely a rental. Most single player games are rentals to me.

beavis4play3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

i agree with both of you. it's a rental. but only because i already have too many games i want more.

i don't agree with the idea that single-player games are rental only....that's just nonsense.

Appo3586d ago

I'm psyched for this game! Buy for me!

Marcus Fenix3586d ago

when u rent a game, mmm, I don't know if u get this feeling or not, but I feel rushed like some guy is waiting 4 me 2 finish it as soon as I can, I don't like renting games, this is a buy 4 me, although it's a single player game but I like collecting great games like this 1, then when I feel that I want 2 play it again at any time later it's right on the shelf.

Ju3586d ago

What I see is pretty awesome. But the game gives me the creeps. I wanna see it, but it'll probably scare the sh!t out of me...rental.

Towers3586d ago

So many good games coming out and this is somewhere in the middle of the pile for me. Might be a game I wait until next year to pick it up. However it does look very cool.

okcomputer3586d ago

Thats my only issue with this game too. There is so much going on for gaming around that time it'll be hard to pick this one up because i know i won't have time to play it. Fallout 3, resistance 2, lbp and gears2 are all day one buys for me around the same time. Too bad it couldn't have come out a month sooner.

qohelet3586d ago

a survival in space?
count me in

KiddyBrownTurd3586d ago

this game is what that FLOP Emo Sector was supposed to be, or could have been, before the stupid change they made to the entire artstyle.

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