Watch the Making of Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary - Now with English Subtitles

Previously only available in the Dutch language, the 50-minute making of Horizon Zero Dawn documentary is now available with English subtitles.

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368d ago
Glemt368d ago

Lol, I can't watch this video in The Netherlands. : P

Aenea368d ago

Yeah bloody weird huh? Anyhoo, just go to the VPRO/NPO website or use the NPO (Uitzending gemist) App....

Glemt366d ago

Yeah, well, at the English parts are subtitled but the Dutch parts aren't : P So for expats living in NL it's rather impossible to watch now. Or, you know, one could learn the language, I suppose : P

Aenea366d ago

Haha, yeah ok, if you don't understand Dutch that's gonna be tough!

But try this link instead, it circumvents the geo blocking:

368d ago