An Ode To The Persona 5 Soundtrack

This is a tribute to the Persona 5 soundtrack and how impactful it is.

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Ashlen311d ago

♫♫ I'm a shape-shifter chained to the core! ♫♫

V0MIT_M0NSTER310d ago

I start singing that song everytime without fail lol

Ashlen310d ago

Beneath the Mask [With Lyrics] - Persona 5

BlakHavoc310d ago

The score has to be impactful since musics playing throughout the entire game. It ranges from relaxing to frantic, and really compliments the mood of the atmosphere you're in or what's currently happening in game. The music during a Persona reveal for one of the Phantom Thieves is awesome, it reminds me of watching someone transform into a super saiyan in DBZ.