Assassin's Creed Revelations now free on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Neil writes - "It may be getting on a bit, with its fifth anniversary fast approaching, but Assassin's Creed Revelations has now arrived for free. Not sure what you're waiting for - go and download it right now!"

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SlyBoogie1993555d ago

Revelations is one of the best in the series, great title for GWG

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Nu555d ago

Ubisoft won't allow me to dl this shit on my Xbox One so I have to go to the online store. Damn you Ubisoft but I'll accept the free game

laz4rdude555d ago

Its not really free. You have to be a gold subscriber.

Lennoxb63555d ago

Really? Who'd have thought? /s

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TheColbertinator555d ago

True. The title should state that

Gman32554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

True you do have to have a gold membership but unlike xboxone games you do get to keep your xbox 360 games when your gold membership runs out something that ps plus doesn't do with ps4,ps3,psvita

TheXgamerLive554d ago

Let me guess, your comment from the mouth of a Sony fanboy. PSN is the same thing except you "cant" keep the game/s after you drop/cancel the service.

laz4rdude554d ago

No, but it would be nice if article states like "Assassin's Creed Revelations now free on Xbox 360 and Xbox One WITH GOLD SUBSCRIPTION". Not all new buyers know that you have to get a subscription to get the game.I have both machines. I like them both. I even think that forza 6 on xbox one look better than Gran turismo Sport on ps4(like roadside detail, driving psychics etc) And i thought Gears of wars 4 was great.

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