CNET: LG 60PG60 Review

Although its THX mode isn't as accurate as we'd like to see, the massive LG 60PG60 60-inch plasma TV still delivers a good picture.

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Xelai3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

This LG model is fine, but fot that price and in that size there is only one option, the Pioneer Kuro, is the best HDTV bar none.

Xelai3588d ago

Well if people make a fuss about minuscule details in comparison videos, the quality of a good HDTV makes an infinite difference.

power of Green 3588d ago

News for gamers, sometimes tech news is appealing to gamers ;)

meepmoopmeep3588d ago

for sure.

there is a Tech label for this type of news.

i wonder if the OLED's from Sony are still in the works for larger screens.