Japanese college students discuss whether kids should be allowed to watch anime, play video games

Both sides of the debate express concerns about children's mental and emotional development.

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Tetsujin335d ago

Just teach your kids balance, and let them make their own decisions as they get older. Parents aren't always going to be there to tell them about balance, so teach them at an early age so when they get older they know better. Limiting or banning someone from a hobby just makes them find ways to still get what they want through other means. Also, expose them to the educational side as well so they know there's options. Too many people go off what the media says, or a few bad examples instead of seeing both sides, and deciding what's best for their family.

-Manga can help with reading comprehension, yet the majority see it as "cartoons" and not to be taken seriously.
-Anime can actually help provide examples of right/wrong, yet people argue "cartoons" and not to be taken seriously.
-Video games can help teach certain concepts in a way to help the student(s), however people will argue "they are a waste of time" and not to be taken seriously.

Because of comics, cartoons (anime), and video games:

I learned how to read and write, and in a way I was able to learn it that wasn't "static"
I learned how to count, and manage money
I learned how to read something, and be able to visualize it
I learned basic right/wrong
I stayed out of trouble
I graduated High School, and got my Associates Degree (working on a Bachelors)
I learned the value of friendship, and learned about certain cultures through socializing, not just by reading a book
I don't have any "unplanned" children (no kids at all)

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