Mass Effect: Andromeda Characters Look Beautiful (After Photoshop)

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s characters have been criticized for looking, well, weird.  Someone has fixed that with their mad Photoshop skills.

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masterfox370d ago

Now that's a difference, a good one difference.

Pantz368d ago

I'm playing v 1.0 without the patch. Female Ryder looks so whimsical I can't help but smile while playing. By the Time I beat it hopefully some more patches will be out that fix things up but I might end up missing her.

368d ago
IceKoldKilla368d ago

Well the last patch fixed some fucked up animation glitches but overall they still look like a PS3 game from 2007.

368d ago
Nu368d ago

They should consider hiring the photoshopper for the next one.

BlakHavoc369d ago

They still look pretty weird to me lol

Patriot4Life368d ago

True...that Android look is still present.

DrumBeat368d ago

Agreed. Now she looks corny. I can't place it. I don't think she'll ever look right, lol.

368d ago
NecoTehSergal368d ago

After skilled people with experience in making realistic faces apply their work to unrealistic, ugly characters made by Amateurs...

_-EDMIX-_368d ago

I'm not going to say all of that simply because the people in charge of artistically designing the characters also have to make them within the confines of the actual engines itself

you have to remember that both the main characters are customizable....

Not set characters.

NecoTehSergal368d ago

...? I'm not claiming the custom characters are ugly....99% of the Human characters, especially the Females are ASS. FUCKING. UGLY....

It being customizable doesn't help the Plot-characters and humans, the aliens look as they normally are expected to look, though, that doesn't help it when the Writing for Any character, alien or human is atrocious. That's what everyone is already complaining about, since it isn't something that can simply be salvaged, it's not Just animations or the Main characters face.

_-EDMIX-_368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

@Nec- "the aliens look as they normally are expected to look"

What are they suppose to look like? No one in this game was also in the last Mass Effects.......

Why would they look all a like? Do humans all 100% look a like?


Its feasible to have ugly humans bud, its feasible to have humans and yes....aliens that don't 100% all look a like. It makes more sense that they don't look a like then strangely do....

Somewhere you must have forgot that gaming is subjective like any art form...

"the Writing for Any character, alien or human is atrocious"

Your opinion. Thats fine.

Lots on my friends list have been playing it and telling me its great.

" it isn't something that can simply be salvaged, it's not Just animations or the Main characters face"

Then don't play it....

Don't know what to tell you pal .

I buy my games for more then just to look at, know, playing them and stuff. =)

neoandrew368d ago

HOT ASS CHICK face is not realistic for 98% of natural girls.

zacfoldor368d ago

That ain't hot, it's normal looking. If you are saying that most people are ugly, I agree. However, most actors are not. When you are making a game for people to buy, circus ugly don't cut it. At least be TV ugly(like the photoshop).

neoandrew368d ago

Yes it is, the whole fix on this screens was to make those chicks like ultra hot face lines, thats the truth, i'm not saying most people are ugly, most people are NORMAL, not MODELS from !E

If those people that made those "fixes" would make that game there would be like fashion week mediolan models only game lol...

368d ago
Jmanzare368d ago

With enough tinkering in the character creation you can make a good looking character.until they open their mouth

joab777368d ago

I don't mind the dialogue once it gets going. I've been playing since launch and it's a damn good game. The opening 10 hrs are not great, but the rest of the game is really good.

Jmanzare368d ago

I love you game I'm on new game plus

368d ago
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