NBA 2K17: 2017 NBA Championship Playoffs Simulation| App Trigger

The NBA season has come to a close, the rosters are set, and the lights turned out on half the league, so let's see who 2K Sports NBA 2K17 says will be left basking in the glory in App Trigger's NBA 2K17 Playoffs sim!

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mikeslemonade609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

Cavs gonna beat the Warriors 4-2. This makes Lebron tied with the GOAT with his career credentials. One more ring after this year to become the GOAT.

Please don't waste my time with your refutes, you don't know as much basketball as I do. If you are against this kind of thinking your wrong, I'm not wasting my time explaining why he's already 2nd all-time already.

TC731609d ago

LOL LeFlop bullies his way to the basket and whines when someone so much as breathes on him.

When the Warriors blow the Cavs out in 5, LeQueen will be 3-4 in finals play. MJ was 6-0.