What Should Be the Official Console of The Next Great Depression?

Brian Crecente writes:

"With the economy on the ropes and a recession running around like death at the masquerade, it seems inevitable that we're going to be dealing with question eventually, so let's get to it now."

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barakiu3434d ago

i already have a pc... pc is for piracy.

fafoon3434d ago

Then the only console you should be looking to buy
Is the Xbox 360

TruthbeTold3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

If things really were to get "Great Depression" bad, I think it's safe to say that many a PS2 would get dusted off, and whenever people had an extra 5-20 bucks, they'd buy PS2 games that they missed before. There'd be alot of trading, and borrowing of games for older consoles as well.

I for one know that I'd rather spend an hour's worth of TV electricity on gaming than on watching TV or Cable programs. Especially in that situation. But then again, with that being said, Handhelds would probably become all the more dominant. Batteries would suddenly be worth alot more though. Guess maybe I'd better stock up at the dollar tree, and dust off the old GBA. :D