Power Alone Won't Make Project Scorpio a Success, but It's a Start

COG writes - Project Scorpio has the potential to be a game changer, but Microsoft will need to improve in other areas than hardware before it's a guaranteed success.

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PistolsAtDawn278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Of course not power alone (which is much greater than the stats alone show...being that DX12 brings compute commands down from the thousands to dozens). The doubts went from "can Xbox actually achieve true 4k at all" "well the games will have to be 30fps" "how should developers use the left over processing power?". But it's insane ability to adapt/adjust to older games not built specifically for Scorpio, the fact that it will also be the easiest console to develop for, and not to mention it's own exclusives and being the best place to play VR optionS (and only console place with any sort of AR). Time will tell, but right now everything is pointing towards the fact that MS built the perfect console by today's standard. Every little detail that comes out screams power, efficiency, and an eye towards adapting to the future in ways the competition can't as easily adapt to.

tyasia0278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Uh, that DX12 compute secret sauce was in XBone and it didn't make it more powerful than the sum of it's hardware.

Microsoft did their Microsoft thing and hyped something up only to quietly reveal later that it wasn't that big of a deal. So now people like you have been fooled and are spreading it around like it's a big deal even though it isn't.

Secondly Microsoft themselves have said repeatedly there won't be Scorpio exclusives.

Thirdly developers are still going to go where the money is, PS4 is selling 3x the software which is why you see companies Rockstar (RDR2) and EA (Battlefront 2) making their marketing deals with Sony.

christocolus278d ago

"Uh, that DX12 compute secret sauce was in XBone and it didn't make it more powerful than the sum of it's hardware."

This was in the updated Eurogamer article too but I guess you missed it somehow.

"Scorpio's Command Processor provides additional capability and programmability beyond what Xbox One/Xbox One S can do. We plan to take advantage of this in the future."

Xbox one and One S also lacked full DX12 features which are all present in Scorpio.

You obviously missed that part ...right?

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shiva1276d ago

Thanks for enlightening with those points. Now if you move aside i would like to see where i can preorder this console and get those games which you mentioned.

Can you tell me one thing though before you move aside. Would there be parity between ps4 pro and scorpio? That would be the deciding factor. If there is parity then who is dictating it this time?

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skydragoonityx278d ago

Before it was the clouds.. Now its the power of "the beast". Just release great games MS

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Woolly_278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Fear not for the games cometh with Scorpio.

many are showing fake concern when 'deep down' they don't want MS to deliver. .
they don't want Scorpio to deliver. .

they've chosen to be blind to Xbox's Exclusives. .
they've got selective vision. . these are the symptoms of Scorpio as it sends tidal waves to their camp lol.

tyasia0278d ago

What retail exclusives have they released this year? One game Halo Wars 2 which sold poorly and got low review scores...

Meanwhile Sony has had around 20 retail exclusives so far this year with many of them being the some of the highest rated games this year and have gone on to sell millions.

Last year PS4 had around 4x as many retail exclusives as well as around 3x as many the year before.

So the concern with Microsoft games line up is real... so much so that Microsoft execs keep having to talk about it.

Condemnedman278d ago

you seem a little upset at the Scorpio like I said enjoy the sales we are very happy for you and sony

candystop278d ago

Why would i care about the games sony released versus the hype for Scorpio and its games? I have no interest in what Sony does good or bad. I'm an Xbox gamer and simply want the best all around console gaming experience. Enjoy your games fine but act like your preference is for everyone.

XXanderXX278d ago

Like I've told people they didn't go create this unit so it can only play games already out or nearing release . Game will be coming just a matter of time.

tyasia0278d ago

Most people aren't going to spend $500+ for a console in 2017 that promises games in 2019... especially when that company has a track record for closing studios and canceling games as like Microsoft has.

PS4 has highly rated games now has a huge lineup of already announced games coming out soon and is guaranteed to have a strong lineup of games in the future.

Bigpappy278d ago

Every publisher has a track record of closing studio and canceling games. In fact, Sony has done this way more than M$.

XXanderXX278d ago

Good thing am not most people.
Please both have canceled games it part of the industry.

Kiwi66278d ago

So you believe that there's only one company that closes studios etc when in the real world facts tell a different story

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