Mass Effect Andromeda lead says it's been 'hard' to take criticism of BioWare's latest

BioWare's Ian Frazier speaks to IBTimes UK about negative feedback and fan interaction.

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skydragoonityx370d ago

Next time live up to the hype you build

Eldyraen369d ago

Polish is what it needed.

It's a good game really but it has many issues that should had been sorted as no way this game as it stands wasn't constantly getting QA memos from testers pointing stuff out. I'll likely put 100+ hours in it my first playthrough ("completionist" as much as I can anyways as I don't use walk throughs) so I'm enjoying it but it would be borderline great if it was more polished. Not as good as the Trilogy imo (although partly nostalgia glasses and storybased differences) but it's not near as bad as people make it out to be (outside of lack of polish and now and again performance issues). If they can sort it all out (which they should have done before release) it will improve the game so much... but probably too late. Maybe in a year or so we see a Fixed release with all dlc or something to get distractors interested as it could be a much better game than it stands now.

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thekhurg369d ago

It just needed polish. The game isn't that bad when compared to a lot of games, but it's not near the standard that Bioware has set for itself over these years. I don't know what happened with their studio to have all of these issue slip through, but I hope they can fix it.

nX369d ago

The funny thing is that Dragon Age Inquisition had polish, but lacked quality. Now Andromeda has some quality but lacks polish. It's clearly their management that's at fault here.

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Perjoss369d ago

Lets be fair, the lead has to do whatever the publisher tells him/her, if EA says ship it even though its not finished then you cant really blame the lead for an unfinished game. I'm in no way defending the unfinished game as this shit shouldn't happen, but lets direct the blame to the right people shall we.

Allsystemgamer369d ago

They had 5 years. Should have prioritized their time better.

phoenixwing369d ago


are you a dev? because if you aren't i don't think you should claim the time frame for a massive game like mass effect. the number of variables and things that go into and work needed to make something good are probably a huge beast to deal with. Just to put in perspective, FF XV had a long development time, imagine how that game would be if SE just told the team to ship it at the five year mark. Also they said originally, it was a procedurally generated universe then they scrapped it. Basically what i'm getting at is that it's not an easy undertaking sometimes even for the most experienced of devs. I'd also like to mention that everyone i've talked to who owns the game says the combat gameplay is on point.

HollowKnight369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

" "Our intent was to always be flexible because you don't know how fans are going to react," he explained. "You don't know what they're going to get super-attached to, positively or negatively. So we went in thinking 'here's some stuff we're definitely going to do, and then here's some stuff we might do, maybe, let's see how the fans react'."

They still don't know what the fans like In mass effect & this Is the fourth Installment In the series smh.....
I say serves them right, for thinking gamers are dumb and wouldn't notice.

JasonKCK369d ago

Pretty sure the publisher never said make a buggy broken game lead by racist and liars.

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TheCommentator369d ago

Yep, Hollow Knight, if Bioware wanted to know how fans would react all they had to do is listen to us when we complained about ME3. Ironic that Bioware creates a game trilogy based around a cyclic purge of the galaxy but doesn't understand that history repeats itself.

All System, IMO, the combat sucks. The verticality of the levels ruins the combat scenarios a little bit, and the loss of pausing the combat to make the game turn-based iced the crap cake.

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Allsystemgamer368d ago


Going to keep making excuses? IT doesn't matter if they had to scrap sections of the game. You just proved my point even more because that's poor time management.

They had 5 years. Know who else had 5 years? Rockstar.

And yes. I am working on a game.

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joab777369d ago

This game is amazing! The more I play it, the better it gets too. The opening had issues but it is a HUGE game with great stories and characters and places to visit. You affect change throughout the galaxy and there's a wonderful link to the old game.

Ppl will continue to loop the same footage over and over and there's no doubt that a few human faces were bad, but the game is very good!

EmperorRosko369d ago

I agree, I've played a fair few hours so far and not had the issues everyone seems to be slating the game for!

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Nu369d ago

And don't hire inexperienced cosplayers.

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babadivad369d ago

This company isn't even Bioware anymore. All the talent that made them what they are have already left. Including the creator of the Mass Effect franchise.

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SCW1982370d ago

Its hard to release a game that wasn't ready.

gamer7804369d ago

first thing, don't interview with IBTimes... second, eventually everyone stumbles, its how you recover and learn from it is what counts. Will be interesting to see what they do with the game or move on to the next version.

CrimzonRazor369d ago

why cant IBTimes do a interview with them bioware is a business after all

gamer7804369d ago

their writers are awful and create sensational false headlines, see the original headline they wrote about Colin Morality calling him a racist.

dmetripaulpavlin369d ago

You are writing like he would be reading N4G or would give a fuck about a few folks comments. The criticism is there because the game is very boring, not because of poo poo animations or wonky glitches. no all reasonable people look past that sort of stuff. The real problem is the game is just lame. Seriously, I can only assume you have played it, how many enemy types are there again? WOW a whopping what maybe 20, lets say 30 just to be generous and that is an incredibly low number given the game spans an entire galaxy with 7 (only 7 wtf?) planets where you actually do something on. Seven planets with real gameplay... does this need elaboration? Seriously nobody needs NMS number of planets but maybe since the planets are literally the most barren and boring planets only outdone in boringness by NMS maybe make more of them. It would be easier to look past that 90% plus of each planet is seemingly pointless terrain with no purpose other than to make the playable area seem grand in the scheme. I can make an infinite playing area and it wouldn't be any good if the enemies are thousand of miles apart. Let's discuss the multiplayer... for real this might be the worst damn part of the game. Oh wow wave based enemies that get progressively more difficult, and it's 4 players coop?!!? Sign me up for the cliff because I already have played this, it was called Horde, Zombies, Firefight, or insert any lame and lazy wave based game mode. Why even waste the fucking time on this shit? Make the fucking campaign coop if you feel the need to waste development time doing bullshit, at least that would be fun.

That being said, I have sunk like 30 hours into this, and it isn't bad if it were the first in the series developed by a bunch of jack offs, but this is the fourth installment of a huge fucking franchise. Its pathetic when you put it into perspective. I don't want to hear the bullshit about the story and all that shit, yeah very predictable. But but your choices, they have no effect stop pretending. It felt like no matter my dialogue choices a squad mate would get pist about it but eventually just get over each and every backhand I dealt them. This game is garbage for this franchise.

TheColbertinator369d ago

Maybe they should release a game that runs properly. Even ME 1 had more polish than Andromeda.

leoms369d ago

ME1 did not have more polish than andromeda.

TheColbertinator369d ago

Andromeda has crashed on me a dozen times. ME1 didn't crash for me once until a month of owning the game.

leoms369d ago

Different experiences I guess as Andromeda did not crash on me yet. ME1 only crashed probably 2-3 times at most when I bought it back in 2010 on my PS3. I still think Andromeda is far more polished than ME1.

Allsystemgamer368d ago

You can think what you want. You're still verifiably wrong.

Phunkydiabetic1369d ago

Neckbeards....Neckbeards everywhere...

Allsystemgamer368d ago

At least they can grow a beard...:..