Playstation 1 (PSX) emulator is now available for Xbox One


We have discovered a new Playstation One emulator in the Xbox store.

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endi123487d ago

Just downloaded it and I can guarantee it will be pulled off as soon as ms figures it out because the app is hidden inside an app lol, basically its a pdf reader until u press a few buttons at the right time then it becomes an emulator
So I suggest everyone who have an Xbox one to download it before its gone

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nitus10487d ago

The emulator is legal however the ROMS are not unless the XB1 can read PS1 CDs which from what I can gather it can.

Somehow I think the people who install the PS1 emulator will be downloading the PS1 ROMs as well which as I said is illegal and because the XB1 runs the Windows 10 operating system Microsoft will know and as they have stated in their EULA they can provide this information to third parties on request. Somehow I doubt Sony will just let this slide.

If you are going to run an emulator you would be a lot safer to run it on your PC where you can put on you green parrot and drink optional rum providing you make sure that the operating system does not phone home.

Kaneki-Ken487d ago

Guess I be reporting this to MS for PS1 emulator.

Kaneki-Ken487d ago

@KwietStorm Sorry pal but I am fun at parties.

GrubsterBeater487d ago


Yeah, because him reporting it will get MS's attention a lot more than the giant article posted on N4G and probably all of the place now. What a joke.

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nX487d ago

You might be fun at parties but you're a rat.

Inzo487d ago

I dont know if you are joking but if you're not then I can just say, dont be that guy.

TheCommentator487d ago

What do you do at parties, call the police when people there are smoking pot?

Kaneki-Ken487d ago

@Kun_ADR You do know I owned an Xbone/Xbox360(check my achievement) and you can check in my account for my Xbox username. I also Owned a Switch so I can't be a fanboy, if I owned and play in other Console.

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PlayableGamez-487d ago

Playing Crash Bandicoot on Xbox One. Interesting.

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Bigpappy487d ago

If true M$ will pull it soon. They don't allow emulators in the app store.

Godmars290487d ago

They just created a format that allows such to happen.

HaikusfromBuddha487d ago

You can download it and save the app on a hardrive. Then you can play the Xbox on offline mode while using the app.

rainslacker486d ago

Can't they disable the app whenever you go online? If so, seems like a lot of work for something that would be short lived. Unless one wants an expesive way to play PS1 games and decides to never take it online again.

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