AceGamez Preview: FIFA 09'

AceGamez: " It's hard for a company to summarise in three words how it would like the public to receive its latest release - especially when two of those words are the game's title. With the tagline "Let's FIFA 09", however, EA may be hinting at their desire for the latest edition of their football franchise to not only be enjoyed communally but also for the collaboration of the series' fan base to help create a game that's almost as dynamic as the real 08/09 season itself.

Of the two hundred and fifty or so improvements that EA state have been included, the one grabbing most of the headlines is the Adidas Live Season, a features that, once a week, updates the stats of every in-game player in the English, French, German, Italian, Mexican and Spanish top divisions. So, if Ruud van Nistelrooy hits a hat-trick at the Bernabeu on a Sunday evening then his appropriate FIFA 09 attributes will be increased the following Wednesday to reflect his current, heightened potency. If he then suffers a bit of a scoring drought, you can expect his numbers to drop, quite possibly below their levels at the start of the season. The basic concept is also being used in NBA Live 09, under the name Dynamic DNA; but while basketball fans will get all their updates at no charge, the unique pass code you receive with FIFA 09 only grants you free access to one of the six leagues, with the others available for a small but as yet unconfirmed additional cost. It's something of a risky decision for what is clearly a trial of a very obviously sponsor-funded option and its success may depend on how well pitched the changes are - large enough to be noticeable, not too great to be unrealistic - and how fans respond to the limitations of a feature with the potential to re-energise the game every seven days."

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