AceGamez Review: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

AceGamez: "As the roman numerals in the title suggest, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series has been going a lot longer than the aforementioned Dynasty Warriors; a little research reveals that it goes as far back as the days of the Commodore Amiga Regardless of RTK's extensive history, this was my first experience of any of the games - and my first observation is that it's nothing like Dynasty Warriors whatsoever, other than being set in the same era and having the same characters.

RTK is based on the classic, and very long, Chinese novel of the same name. You are dropped into the late Second Century as the Han Dynasty collapses and the game spans pretty much the entirety of the book, stitched together with various cut scenes that don't seem to come along that often, given the length of time covered. The artwork and style of China in this period of time is captured superbly in the game (the screenshots don't really do the art justice), as well as having one of the best intro videos I've seen for a long time, not in terms of graphical supremacy but rather sublime stylishness.

The game itself is certainly not for the faint of heart and is quite frankly huge in pretty much every possible way; even the tutorial feels like it could be a campaign in itself. A lot of the time I will admit to skipping past tutorials, but completing the tutorial in RTK, especially for a first-timer like myself, is more of a necessity than an option. Yet this is only covers the basics; a fair proportion of the mechanics are left to the documentation that occurs during the game, which isn't overly helpful."

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ThanatosDMC3730d ago

Seriously, this is in PC now?! No way! I've always wanted to try it... but it was on the PS2 and i never saw the point of playing games like this on a controller.