AceGamez Review - Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise

AceGamez: "Like many adult male gamers who are comfortable enough in their masculinity to stop playing Gears of War while eating live chickens by the handful for a moment, I was charmed and delighted by Rare's Viva Piñata. Sales figures suggest that the general public was not, and that the average Xbox gamer is happier creating exit wounds than looking after paper animals. Nintendo consoles seemed like the ideal home for Rare's imaginative, colourful gardening simulation (indeed, the original Viva Piñata was supposed to appear on the N64 before Rare were bought up) and it seems appropriate that the game would appear on Nintendo's dual screen handheld. Microsoft's ownership means that the game will never appear on the Wii, but with the handheld division held with no such restraints, Viva Piñata finds a perfect home on the DS, without losing much of the content that made the Xbox original so damn hard to put down."

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