Army of Two sales figures bring shock, no awe

The NPD Group has released the latest 360 software sales figures for the U.S.A., and there are a couple of surprises in there. While no one's going to be confused by a top three consisting of GTAIV, Call of Duty IV and Madden, the games in fourth and fifth place are Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Army of Two, respectively. If nothing else this comprehensively proves that Americans really, really like guns.

But it also proves that in the face of being the only new franchise in the top five and receiving merely good-to-average review scores, Army of Two still went on to sell some 900,000 copies in the US. Our guess is that to some the lure of co-op is so strong it makes the game itself seem like virtual wrapping paper. Brr.

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SL1M DADDY3436d ago

Co-op. It was ok, not great. I did like the bling factor to your guns too I guess. It was kind of cool to bling out the big guns.

joydestroy3436d ago

ArmyofTwo rocked. i played through the entire campaign with a random guy on XBL one morning after work.

co-op and online functionality are almost certainly needed if you have hopes for your game to be a AAA title. if you don't have either, your game better be balls to the wall the best of it's genre at the time it releases or it's an automatic flop.

TheColbertinator3436d ago

I think Madden,Army of Two,and Cod4 sell well in Japan also /sarcasm

littlenuthead3436d ago

personally didn't like this one, rented it & took it back after a long day on it, but rainbow2 doesn't surprise me great game

season0073436d ago

"If nothing else this comprehensively proves that Americans really, really like guns."


acetw1n3436d ago

I traded in uncharted to get this game,

nonAsianDroid3436d ago

uncharted is way better than army of two, I hated army of two

acetw1n3436d ago

but it has low replay value ,and no multiplayer
me and my friends can always play AoT.
Upgrading guns is always fun and we can also take on other people online plus I have downloaded free levels that are pretty cool.
dont get me wrong when uncharted 2 comes out i will be getting that, but i will probolly trade it in for army of two sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.