What is a Realistic Sales Figure for Project Scorpio?

Project Scorpio isn't designed for everyone, but how many people is it meant for?

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skydragoonityx343d ago

I'm predicting $599 but that's just me.

zivtheawesome343d ago

they are talking about sales, how many people will buy the project scorpio.

Allsystemgamer341d ago

Depends on the price but I'm guessing not many. It doesn't have "exclusives". I see no selling point other than 4k.

If MS wants to compete they need to bring the games.

NewMonday341d ago

the target market is very small, the Pro was double the power of the PS4 but could only take 20-25% of PlayStation sales, the Scorpio is barley half stronger than the Pro so Scorpio sales could be even less than 10% of the market.

FITgamer341d ago

At launch I'd be surprised if does more 200K.

Kribwalker341d ago

The Scorpios GPU alone is an entire PS4 more powerful then the pro, so it's not barely half more powerful, there's also 45% more ram, the CPU speed is also higher. There's a lot more power.
The best version of every multiplat and at a minimum 3 exclusive AAA games coming this year, not to mention forza, cuphead and a slough of others as well as any surprise announcements.

mikeslemonade341d ago

New Monday is correct

CPU and more ram doesn't matter since every game is gonna be on parity restriction. It only matters on exclusives which the Xbox has zero.

NewMonday341d ago


thanks for reminding me about the CPU, the Scorpio is barley 10% faster than the Pro, this will pull down the half extra power of the GPU, meaning the performance of the Scorpio wont be even 20% better.

after a full year late that just bad, very bad.

Kribwalker341d ago

"The question of how Microsoft has managed to extract desktop GPU-like clock-speeds from a console SoC, and by extension, how the Xbox team has delivered six teraflops of GPU power, is now answered. The end result is a 43 per cent increase in raw compute compared to PS4 Pro, with a processor we estimate as being 12 to 16 per cent larger in terms of die area."

mikeslemonade340d ago

New monday is wrong on his last comment. CPU is still strong enough to not be a real bottleneck for the gpu. Let's say you put a $300 cpu instead in the Scorpio, you will at most get 5 more fps, if that.

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zivtheawesome343d ago

IMO if MS manages to market this as not only a 4k console for 4k owners but a must own system for gamers in order to get the best console experience, while showing a lot of games getting upgrades for it and making the correct price (i really hope for it to be 399 but 449~499 is more realistic), then it could sell a pretty big amount of units. it's just a matter of marketing and price.

kevnb341d ago

I don't see how they can get that market, that target audience is already with ps4 or pc

Bigpappy341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Really? How many people do you know that own a PC that plays game 4K @60fps with max settings. PS4 does not have an option 4 that setting either. There are PC's that can get you pass Scorpio performance with no problem, but they don't cost $500. Try $1500 plus. It is not just a GPU upgrade you need. You need the RAm, Mother board with the right chipset and bandwidth, CPU, hard drive and OS. Then you need a 4K monitor if you don't already have one, same for scorpio if you want 4K.

SmielmaN341d ago

I consider myself an avid gamer with a fantastic income and I'm not really diving into 4K yet. Maybe this holiday if the boxing week deals are good but 4K is a niche market right now. Maybe 2018 holiday we will see Pro and Scorpio start being the bulk of the console sales.

Due to this I think it's really important for MS to make the price point proper (even if it means a loss) because anything too high will be all but forgotten by all except those who would buy anything MS is selling (like those still clinging to the Cloud dreams after 3 + years of promises).

The next part of that launch has to be games. I expect a big money hat third party deal at E3 to promote Scorpio at the holidays.

It's tough sledding for MS so price and games must be there to justify buying into this after we have had PS4, xbo, ps4slim, xbos, ps4pro, Switch all in the last 3+ years. The market could become saturated to an extent. We will see how it goes for them but it's always about price and games.

Lennoxb63342d ago

300k-500K on launch if its priced at $500. Anything below $500 and it could reach a 1M.

Allsystemgamer341d ago

That's highly speculative.

Not many people have 4k tvs yet. Yes they're cheap but most people don't have them.

The system is going to be expensive.

We've yet to see any actual exclusives

All we know is 4k forza...which isn't very impressive.

We know only power. That's my going to sell the system. It NEEDS games.

PlayableGamez-341d ago

You don't need a 4k tv to benefit from Scorpio.

KwietStorm341d ago

Literally everything being said is speculative.

brich233341d ago

I dont think you know what Project Scorpio can do, go do some reading about it before commenting again about it.

zb1ftw777341d ago

I don't want Scorpio for 4k.

I want it for 1080p 60fps.

I think many will feel the same.

dirkdady341d ago

If the PS4 pro is a reference to go by I doubt it will sell in high volumes. Pro has boost mode as well it's no system selling feature the ROI is just not there if you don't have 4K.

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Stogz341d ago

Lol a mid gen upgrade system is gonna sell as much as when this gen started? I want whatever you're smoking

Ju341d ago

It's holiday sales. I speculate it will easily sell a couple of millions until end of the year. Even at maybe $500. But I also think it will drop off fast after. I would think a lot of people ("hard core" xbox gamers) are waiting for it. Not so much mass market but I think there is a huge market for it. I am not sure if a lot of PS4 player will switch, also the Pro isn't probably attracting the same crowd either. Scorpio has more a "Next Gen" feeling to it than the Pro, maybe also because the standard PS4 does/did quite well compared to the XBO. But of course it will all depend on price and what the marketing messaging will be by end of the year.

Nu341d ago

Ju Dawg I was thinking you were dead it's great to know you made it bro!!

FallenAngel1984341d ago

Who really cares about the sales of an iterative console

alb1899341d ago

Without knowing the price there isn't way to know. Just be patient, e3 is almost there.

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