Street Fighter IV Cover Art - Who Cares?

The new Street Fighter IV cover art has been unleashed onto the world and gamers profess… "whatever!" This game has such a huge and loyal fan base that the cover art could have been a steaming pile of poo and people would still flock in droves to the stores to purchase it

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CrippleH3586d ago

Why Chun Li?

She's not even the main character.

I bet Capcom is thinking boobs on cover = more sales.

taz80803586d ago

US got Chun Li and Europe got Ryu.

drunkpandas3586d ago

American boys heart boobies.

AssassinHD3586d ago

If Capcom is thinking that boobs on the cover = more sales then they are absolutely correct. It is a sad truth, but also an undeniable one.

JD_Shadow3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

....maybe they know that Chun-LI is one of the more iconic characters IN SF2 and probably one of the most popular female characters that has some VERY annoying yet effective attacks. That would drive some female players to pick up this game, as well. ALOT of SF players love to choose her, too, because she has a stat that not many of the other characters have: Speed.

Can't believe that when female characters in games are portrayed more seriously, we complain about THAT, too.

Like I keep saying, you can't have it both ways.

VF34EJ253586d ago

Why not? Chun Li and boobs seriously kick @$$

ceedubya93586d ago

But I doubt that boobs were the factor in putting Chun-Li on the cover. She's known more for her legs than anything else.......unless you consider the shower scene from the animated movie, and in that case I stand corrected.

Sano643580d ago

You know they are making a live action street fighter movie with Chun Li as the main character right???? It's just smart advertising!

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taz80803586d ago

PS3 or Xbox 360. For a fighting game like this I think I need to go with the PS3 controller, since the D pad on the 360 controller is [email protected]

Amnesiac3586d ago

Or you should just go with the PS3, because the Xbox 360 is crap.

AssassinHD3586d ago

I will be buying the PS3 version. That is a given of course because I do not own an X360.

chasuk083586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I will also be buying the PS3 version.

360 d-pad + fighting games = epic fail

Plus I dont own a 360 anymore, but i know from experience

drunkpandas3586d ago

It's a toss up for me. The PS3 has a much better Dpad, but the controls are a bit tweaked to work well with the analog sticks. I'll get it for whatever console all of my friends pick it up for (which is looking more like the PS3).

netherbound3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Capcom is thinking that if they put her on the cover of the game that more people will give two sh*ts about the Chun Li movie that is to hit the US at the same time of the games release.

This will also work the other way around in sales for people that have never played Street Fighter but end up likeing the the Chun Li based movie.


ceedubya93586d ago

I'm pretty sure they know the game will sell regardless of who's on the cover. Its all about getting that extra push from the movie.

All the Kristin is cute an all, I'm not really looking forward to the movie much. Of course, I'd watch that 10 times before the Dragon Ball movie....ugh.

gumgum993586d ago

yeah, pretty much

Its no secret that America has a soft side for the opposite gender

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