Get Horizon Zero Dawn for free when you buy a PS4Pro, ends 23/4 - UK

To celebrate insomnia60, get Horizon Zero Dawn FREE with a PS4Pro. Ends April 23rd, while stocks last.

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BlakHavoc370d ago

If they bundle a Pro with a 4K tv this Black Friday for around 5 or 600 I'll be on board.

S2Killinit370d ago

Thats like impossible.

But this here is pretty sweet deal if someone hasnt played Horizon yet.

BlakHavoc370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

You can get a 40 inch 4K tv for around $400 at best buy right now. They can lower the price and bundle it with a pro this Black Friday only, for $600.

_-EDMIX-_370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Well not really. There was some deal with a XONE S with a 4K tv for around that price.

I'll try to find the link, I think it was also a Black Friday deal

Good luck lol

Who knows, maybe he can find a deal for $600. I mean $700 at best maybe.

S2Killinit370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Maybe but the 4K tv is going to be a crap tv. Older model.

Nuvian370d ago

What's the point getting a cheap 4k TV anyway?
Quality over quantity.

370d ago
BlakHavoc370d ago

Who said it was a crap model?

sd11370d ago

Whats the point in a 40" 4k tv?

vikingland1370d ago

40'' 4K on a desk top 2' away from your face I guess.

I won't buy anything smaller than 60'' at 4K .

BlakHavoc370d ago

I don't want to spend nearly a thousand dollars on a tv. I'm fine with 40 if it's affordable for me.

370d ago
sd11369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I would recommend sticking to a good quality 1080p tv for now rather than a cheap 40" 4k tv. Unless, your current tv is in desperate need for an upgrade. Even then i think you could probably get a bigger and better 1080p for the same price.
The exception would be if you could get a cheap Sony or samsung 4k tv, but its less likely.

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bluefox755370d ago

Great game, and if you're big into graphics, you won't find a better looking game on consoles than Horizon on Pro, I suspect nothing on Scorpio will even look as good, at least not for a while.

Legatus370d ago

Ufff, that's an excellent deal. If there is a game that is a poster child of the PS4 Pro, it's Horizon Zero Dawn.