Sumo Digital is Still Working on 'Dead Island 2'

Despite no recent updates, Sumo Digital is confirmed to be still working on "Dead Island 2."

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theXtReMe1608d ago

Glad to hear it, though the game has been in production for so long that Im worried its quality will suffer. Especially since its been through multiple developers hands. The original trailer looked incredible, lets hope its kept that charm while keeping decent gameplay in tact.

spy2012608d ago

hope it wont be a sucker

_-EDMIX-_608d ago

That's actually really good to hear

I was just thinking about this game a couple days ago.

jznrpg608d ago

Hopefully it turns out well, I liked the first one but it had a lot of issues, still was fun

gangsta_red607d ago

Enjoyed the first one despite it's bugs and glitches and extreme over use of fetch quests. But the multiplayer part and playing with friends chopping through zombies made this game a blast.

The same with Dying Light which surpassed Dead Island in every way.

But still, would love to see this game come out. And I'm hoping with this much time it's taking it's going to be beyond fantastic.

Omnisonne607d ago

While Dying Light was a great game, it felt a little dull to me in many ways.. I really liked the tropical vacation atmosphere in Dead Island, as well as the many crazy weapon mods that were largely absent in Dying Light

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