EA: Mirror's Edge Demo won't be released today

Digital Games reports that a demo for Mirror's Edge will be released today on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network, although EA has told Strategy Informer that this story is a result of confusion from a press release that was sent out earlier this month.

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thereapersson3434d ago

Well, I guess i'll see what happens when I get home from work later, eh?

Hagaf223434d ago

lets be honest, as for psn, there is plenty coming out today, no need to completely overwhelm... wipeout, mega man, burnout, and that new puzzle game, and then to have this on top? that would be overkill.... great update for psn this week

Lifendz3434d ago

Wipeout HD is pure awesomeness and, hopefully, an NBA Live demo should be more than enough for me. I'm good. I'm going to download the new Madden patch (which I hear still hasn't fixed the freezing), the Burnout patch, the latest demos, and, of course, Wipeout HD!!!

Hershy9993434d ago

But what does the burnout patch include?

psman0123434d ago

I wanted to play this so bad!

DavidMacDougall3434d ago

That god its not coming out i wouldn't know how to balance my time between it and LBP

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The story is too old to be commented.