Console Monster: NHL 09 Review

Console Monster writes: "Having only played demo's of previous NHL titles and enjoying them, I was excited at the prospect of playing NHL 09 – despite my lack of knowledge on ice hockey. Since 1993, EA Sports have released an NHL title every year without fail, so it comes as no surprise to see yet another title released in 2008.

Almost immediately after you insert the disc, players are asked to create an in-game character which can be used for NHL 09's major new feature: 'Be a Pro' mode. The customizable options are superb and there is a wide range to choose from. EA have signed big brand names such as Nike and Reebok which is a major plus for those who want to be seen in top notch gear. There are also the usual character creator features such as the ability to change the head shape, eyebrows and eye colour. Whilst it may not be as advanced as similar creators, it covers the main areas and is very easy to use.

Once you've created a better-looking version of yourself [Ed - No character creation is that good!], the game progresses onto some basic tutorials. Experienced NHL players may find these a waste of time though they will be beneficial to new players of the game. The first thing players will notice is the improved menu presentation. Whilst the same style has been kept, more options are now available to choose from the menu..."

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