March 2017: Switch sells 906,000 units in March, Zelda: Breath of the Wild over 1.3 million

The Switch sold 906,000 units in the United States during March, Nintendo has revealed.

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MakiManPR130d ago

Didnt even reached 1M in a whole month. Both PS4 and XboxOne sold 1M in just 24hrs.

peewee11016130d ago

LoL yeah and nintendo is saying its the fastest selling console ever lol. I guess they forgot ps4 sold 1mil is under 24hrs and xbox took 2 days

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

fastest seller console for them
they never said gaming history

plus Nintendo only shipped 2m for launch.

moldybread130d ago

i was under the impression nintendo was going to have 2 million available for launch?

Segata130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

No they said fasted ever for Nintendo in the US. So it did better than Wii first month which is saying something since Wii ended up selling 102 million units lifetime. So if it's any indication NS will be doing just fine.

blitz0623130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

You do realize the PS4 was released in NA 2 weeks earlier than the other countries right? They had all their stock focused there so they sold 1m in 24 hours. Also Xbox One sold 1m worldwide not NA.

The Switch didn't do a staggered release and as far as I know has been out of stock all the time so if Nintendo did the same they may have sold 1 million easily as well (maybe not in 24h but for sure in a month)

fleecejohnson75130d ago

I think that you forgot to read my friend. Or, if you did; to comprehend what you did.

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BrandanT130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

But it did sell better than both of them last month, and that's not considering that there were only 2 million world wide at launch.

yomfweeee129d ago

Uhh a brand new console sold more in the first month than 3.5 year old systems? Who would have thought....

Moonman130d ago

Nintendo did awesome. Makiman is pretending like the console was available all month to buy in mass amounts. Guess what? It would have sold even more if they shipped more.

DialgaMarine130d ago

PS4 sold out for a couple after launch as well, but Sony's not and manufactured enough units to meet its high demand. Using "well if they shipped more..." isn't an excuse; it's a admission of incompetence.

2pacalypsenow129d ago

Who's fault is that? that's like me saying the PS4 could of sold over 2 million in 24 hours if it was priced at $299 instead of $399

Istolla130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

You realize this is U.S. only...

sd11130d ago

This is only in America, not the whole world. Thats pretty good.

Nintentional130d ago

READ THE ARTICLE. "The Switch sold 906,000 units in the United States during March". In the US!! This sales figure isn't worldwide sales, you fool.

MakiManPR128d ago

Dude the PS4 sold 1M in US ONLY in less than 24hrs. XboxOne did it in like 2 days

Old McGroin130d ago

Not bad for a March release. Don't think anyone was expecting it to beat PS4 or Xbox sales figures but still very strong. Hope it does well.

mcstorm129d ago

This is what i find funny. People call the switch DOA. Yet it sold well out of th gate. Then it's well did not sell as many as the ps4 well it had less units available as it was a word wide release. And only 2 million available. For me i think Nintendo will be in for a good gen with the switch. It dose not have many great games at the moment but Zelda has proved it pushes consoles. Add Mario kart late this month and then games like splatoon and Mario later in the year it could really get a big grip of the market.

Uken12129d ago

One word.... Holiday.

There is a reason Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo usually release systems and big hitters around the end of the year (Holiday season). Because they clearly sell more.

Also it sold through all of it's shipments. So I don't know what your point is. Apparently if it doesn't sell as well as PS4 or XB1 did right off the bat during the Holiday, it is a failure?

XanderZane129d ago

I know, I'm wondering how this is the fastest selling game console when both the PS4 and XB1 sold over 1 million units worldwide in 24hours. I don't even know what the monthly NPD sales were for Nov 2013

Even in the US alone the Switch was still beaten by PS4 and XBox One.

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AspiringProGenji130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

"Zelda is gonna overshadow Horizon Zero Dawn easily."

Sees both March sales*

(Shit! I forgot PS4's Install base) Aah of course Horizon was gonna sell more. PS4 has a bigger install base

Ok I had to get that out of the way. As a fan of BotW I'm happy for the milestone. Well deserved!

R00bot130d ago

Wonder if Zelda will overtake it in the long term though, as right now it's basically sold as many as is possible given the Switches install base haha.

Darkfist_Flames129d ago

well is there anything else?

nitus10129d ago

It may come as a shock to you but the Zelda series is not as popular as Mario and Pokemon. Of course, it does help that Zelda Breath of the Wild is the only serious Nintendo game that is currently on the Switch although that will change over the next few months.

Utalkin2me129d ago


Yeah and twilight princess sold like 7 million on a install base of 100 million. So thats a very moot point.

But of course your major zelda fans are going to buy a switch and get zelda day one.

Moonman129d ago

NPD combines sales of platforms so Zelda is at 1.3 million for March. I haven't seen any other numbers for software. What are the other software numbers for Sony and MS? Zelda is what everyone is talking about today from NPD.

Uken12129d ago

Honestly why do people care about the imaginary race between Horizon and BotW.

This stupid battle between the two is pointless. Just buy the game and play it besides complaining about the one you probably won't buy for whatever reason.

They are both good games. Sales don't mean one game is better than the other btw. Some of the best games don't sell well so the point is invalid.

And Zelda: BotW is better than Horizon: Zero Dawn. Get over it and move on. The Majority of people that play both, reviewers, etc all say the same. It's like Dark Souls to Skyrim. Both awesome games but Dark Souls is a better game. Oh wait, Skyrim sold more....

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TekoIie130d ago

Not bad at all.

I'm interested to see how Nintendos upcoming exclusives affect sales. The Mario Kart series has always been popular and Splatoon did very good for a new IP on the Wii U, but this is where we see if it has system seller power.

ARMS could go either way. I didn't expect Splatoon to sell over 4m so you never know how well this could do.

NotoriousWhiz130d ago

I've had a chance to play arms and it's actually very fun. It's like wii boxing with more finesse and less waggle.

The 10th Rider130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

So Breath of the Wild is the fastest selling Nintendo launch game ever and the fastest selling Zelda game ever. It's also got a 102% attach rate in the US.

I'm just going to leave this here:

BrandanT130d ago

How's an 102% attach rate possible?

The 10th Rider130d ago

The Switch version of the game outsold the Nintendo Switch, which is crazy. The first time I've ever heard of that happening.

NotoriousWhiz130d ago

906,000 switches sold. 925,000 copies of Zelda sold (on the switch).

MrMagz130d ago

There are probably a lot of people who bought Breath of the Wild while not being able to buy a Switch yet, or bought two games in order to have one to play and one to have in box of as a collector's item.