Project Scorpio: Can Microsoft bring the fight back to Sony's doorstep?

Praise for Scorpio's specs is universal, but in many ways that's the easiest part of this journey; MS must now start answering the truly tough questions.

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Gaming_Cousin126d ago

With the way they handle games... hell no

HaveSumNuts126d ago

Its just like having a girlfriend with no boobs or ass...... there aint nothing to play with.

Kingthrash360125d ago

I mean you can turn her on....and play with her...but all she does is talk about her past generation relationship instead of focusing in the current relationship.

LastCenturyRob125d ago

yeah, after reading your comment it is hilariously obvious that you have probably never talked to a girl let alone have a girlfriend...Go back to your dating sims, kid.

moldybread125d ago

"I mean you can turn her on....and play with her...but all she does is talk about her past generation relationship instead of focusing in the current relationship."

would you rather have an open relationship that is more about choices or a relationship that has you on a leash and is co controlling that all you can do is talk smack about the other girls?

pinkcrocodile75125d ago

That's when you realise you're dating another man.

Gamer4lifz125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Lol that had me laugh so hard my sides hurt

the problem with Microsoft that instead of supporting their main console with games they went and made a sooo much more powerful console
power wasn't really the problem with Xbox one (it's one of it problems though atleast base ps4 is pumping cgi like graphics just fine so pro wasn't really needed)
it problem was the lack of xbox exclusives and new ips.

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TheDBD125d ago

Seems like lately they either mishandle games or don't handle them at all. What with Scalebound, Fable, Project Spark, etc.

LastCenturyRob125d ago

Sony has canceled games and closed studios as well.

badz149125d ago


that is why there's no exclusives anymore on the PS4 too, right? wait...

XXanderXX125d ago

Please fable F2P was doomed from the get go , scale bound deserved to be canceled after four delays , while adding insult to injury studio completed 3 other games . So it deserved it cancelation. As for Spark it was an internal thing that everyone knew was not going to last .

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1Victor125d ago

@crotaaa what other games Microsoft released besides those you mentioned just because Sony don't clogs all their games in the last quarter doesn't mean they dont release EXCLUSIVE games throughout the year,so far Sony have released a EXCLUSIVE or more each month this year while you wait for the last quarter to play their best lineup ever

trooper_125d ago

Lol @ Crotaaaa

Youre going to have to dig a litle deeper because I can list a lot more games that came out for PS4 that you forgot to mention.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen124d ago (Edited 124d ago )


Sony has cancelled games and closed studios, but Sony's "WORLDWIDE" studios are still getting ready to pump out games:

Gran Turismo Sport
Days Gone
Uncharted Lost Legacy
Detroit Become Human
The Last of Us Part II

What's Microsoft doing? 3 games and another Halo and Forza?

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Liqu1d125d ago

Tired of waiting for games?

AmUnRa125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Great reply dude, great reply. And so full of arguments.🙄

stuna1124d ago

Ha ha Liqu1d, that reply slayed!

I tell you coming to N4G is like having front row seat at Comedy Central!

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TKCMuzzer125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Unless it retails at $299 then no, only hard core Xbox One owners are going to invest. Consoles are about accessibility, You need a diverse games lineup at an affordable price, that's why consoles and PC's co exist.
No parent is going to pop into a game shop and Christmas and drop $500 on a console when there is one for $299 with more games available.
Price is key and one the reasons that the PS4 flew out the gate, it's perceived value was one of its highlights. When you tip over $400 (£350) you start to lose a big percentage of people who are not willing to spend that kind of money on hardware becasue if they were willing they would have already done so by buying a PC because it's something they really want to invest in.
I like gaming but do so on a console because the start out price is good and I know it will be supported for at least 5 years with new content that is fully compatible.
The Scorpio will appeal to those wanting the High res, High texture versions of Xbox One games, the real question, what is the % of consoles owners really care?

Chevalier125d ago

If it's anything like my Pro sales for every 20 or so Vanilla PS4 sales I get 1-2 Pro sales.

125d ago
XanderZane124d ago

As long as they bring the games at the E3, I'll be happy. I'll still have my PS4 to play other exclusives though. Whether they can bring the fight back this gen, it's probably too late. Maybe in the 9th generation they can make it a closer fight. Nintendo is already leading the way though.

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datagape125d ago

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chrisx126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

There's no fight left, this gen is done and dusted by Sony and the Ps4. For the scorpio 2nd place is up for grabs with ninty. Ask this at the start of next gen

DarkZane125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Pretty sure Playstation will win next gen too. Playstation is a much bigger brand then Xbox, plus they have a lot more games. Pretty obvious the PS5 will win.

Not that it matters, there might not be any Xbox console next gen. Scorpio is either the last nail in Xbox's coffin and the Xbox division will be shutdown after its failure. Or Microsoft is moving toward PC gaming and the play anywhere thing is a way to fully transition into PC gaming.

Gunstar75125d ago

How is Xbox a failure?

Never seen so many triggered people on one website


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Septic125d ago

"Scorpio is either the last nail in Xbox's coffin and the Xbox division will be shutdown after its failure"

Haha failure ...okay🤣

Most POWERFUL games console on EARTH.

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1908-PB125d ago

if this generation has finished then sony has failed them selfs.

125d ago
AmUnRa125d ago

🙄 Shure dude, my god stop making a fool of your self.

1908-PB125d ago

Landcruizer------Yeah having only 3 games on your system that worth buying is considered failing in my book so if Xbox failed Sony did as well PC is the only way to go then.btw I own a ps4 pro---- psn is sniperbsr

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Woolly_126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Theres no fight..
Just facts..

Godmars290126d ago

Well. Appeal. Consumer appeal.

And as is while MS, the XB1, has a decent presences in the US where online multi is concerned, Sony pretty much owns the world market as far as console gaming is concerned. Nintendo has a better chance right now with the Switch of challenging that than MS so long as they keep doing with Scorpio.