Destructoid Review: Mega Man 9

Destructoid writes:

"Mega Man 9 is a fantastic game. The music is incredible, seven out of eight of its stages are amongst the best the series has ever seen, it has butt kicking extra features, a great story, and it's only ten bucks. It's damn tempting to just give the game a 10 and be done with it, because I do truly love Mega Man 9, more than I have loved any game in the series since Mega Man 2. Sadly, that doesn't change the fact that Mega Man 9 isn't perfect. Splash Woman's stage, and those other rare, uninspired mentioned above, all detract enough from the title to keep it from making it to the very top. Now if the team at Inti Creates can up their output just a notch higher in terms of consistent originality and creativity, I believe that Mega Man 10 could become the single greatest Mega Man game of all time."

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