Guerrilla: Aloy Came Together Relatively Late in the Process;Voice Actress Was Massively Influential

Guerrilla's boss revealed that the beloved Aloy came together as a character relatively late in the process and voice actress Ashly Burch was hugely important.

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KaiPow372d ago

Same here. I bought it and still refuse to open it until all of the other open world games on my plate are finished.

This summer will be the time for some world immersion and Horizon will be the perfect choice.

yeahright2372d ago

certain games deserve to be bumped to the top of the backlog.

dirkdady372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Agree! I'm 150hrs in to witcher 3 loving it and milking every quest in sight and 30% through wildlands bbbut I decided to give Horizon a few mins and I'm now hoooked! Something about tackling each encounter differently stealthily, arrows blazing it's got that something that just hooks you.

Did anyone try to stealth complete the mother chief quest where you have to slide down on the rope to the enemy encampment? Pretty fun. Chief was like blow up the gas canisters and we will come down to fight - I was like no thanks I got this and wiped out pretty much all of the enemies solo.

3-4-5372d ago

Yea I'm still playing Botw, but once I finally finish that I'll give Horizon a go, but I'll probably wait for a price drop at this point honestly.

Game looks awesome.

frostypants371d ago

@dirkdady, hell yeah. I go full on Solid Snake mode whenever possible.

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tatkh372d ago

You haven't already?!?!?!?

Sam Fisher371d ago

Played it?, i havent bought it....... its crime i know, ill sentence myself to 50 backlashes

Tussin187372d ago

It was a great ride. I was somewhat of a light trophy hunter on PS3. Well, especially with games I liked. Once PS4 dropped I just started playing games and trophies we not even on my mind. Horizon has been my first Platinum on PS4. I just had to complete everything and that's how much I enjoyed the game. Btw, the Plat is not that hard to get but does require you to spend some time with the game. I believe the only one I had to really try for was knocking over the dummies at certain camps. Amazing game!!

372d ago
UCForce372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Now that's awesome ! Aloy is well developed character. GG started developing on her for 6 years. I will say this again, make a strong character then you have to take it slow and steady and be smart about it.

rainslacker371d ago

Some early spoilers here

She's one of the most natural and unforced characters I've seen in a game as far back as I can remember. While I haven't completed the game yet, I think her motivations are understandable and it's easy to connect with her and have empathy. I know a lot of people acted like she had no reason to care about the tribe, but it's like they didn't even pay attention to why she wanted to win the proving in the first place, and her motivations after that were established well enough to make it so it wasn't out of place for her character.

Some of the side characters are also pretty fleshed out, which is pretty rare for an open world game. A lot of them have back stories and connections to the main plot and side quests.

UCForce371d ago

Yeah, Aloy is my new favorite character.

SolidGear3372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Hey Ash, whatcha playing?

If anyone gets the reference then you win a billion dollars.

She also did the voice of Chloe on Life is Strange.

UnHoly_One371d ago

She is also Tiny Tina, if you can believe that.

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