Guerrilla Games MD: Firing Machine Guns at Robotic Dinosaurs in HZD Very Quickly Felt Weird

Praised for its strong, often emotional storytelling, beautifully detailed expansive world and iconic heroine; HZD‘s also boasts a fantastic combat system and style that sees protagonist Aloy traverse the lush forests, snowy mountains and barren plains of its open world armed with primitive weapons such as spear, slingshot, bow and arrow along with a handful of gadgets for company, something that according to Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst, might have been entirely different when the developer originally pitched HZD.

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Abnor_Mal408d ago

I'm glad thaty Guerrilla Games made Horizon without the inclusion of machine guns, but I do wonder how differently the game would of played. I would think that either the guns/bullets wouldn't be too powerful or the machines would have more health to be whittled away.

QuarkZ408d ago

That would have most likely made the bow irrelevant, except for stalkers if you wanted to one-shot them silently. They would have needed to make them scarse so that you can't use them for the whole game, I think what they did with the whole "using the machine's weapons" was genius. I platinumed this game and enjoyed every moment of it.

Nu408d ago

Mabe laser blaster with a cool down after use could be implemented in a sequel.