Prey Hands-On Preview - Not the Sci-Fi Horror Experience You Are Expecting | COGconnected

COGconnected writes: With less than a month to go before Prey hits store shelves, we play 3-hours of the campaign and step away impressed with this visceral sci-fi shooter.

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opinionated221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I'm thinking it is what I'm expecting. Can't wait to try out the first hour on the 27th. The fallout 4 comparison seems random. I hope it doesn't feel like fallout 4 gun mechanics wise lol. They didn't elaborate on that.

KwietStorm221d ago

I thought the gun mechanics was one of the good things about Fallout 4. I think it would work for this style game anyway.

opinionated221d ago

It was good for a fallout game I guess. I'm not hating on fallout, it's a big rpg and I can understand why it doesn't have the precision of a modern fps. Controllers are a lot different than mouse and keyboard, it's difficult to get right I guess.

Yeah, it reminds me of bioshock and dead space. Two of my favorite games.

Erik7357221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

It looks like a dishonored game mixed with bioshock tbh with a tad bit of half life thrown in there

Looks great

Bigpappy221d ago

Fallout4 had lots of energy guns, which I mostly used. When you level they up, they are extremely powerful and fun to use. Sole if that aspect of Fallout4 is employed here in Prey, that would a major plus for me over traditional assault rifles and shot guns. The kill are more animated and are dependent on the power of the gun. So electrocutions can be long animated, or quick but they turn to dust. I saw some video and the comparison is valid.

opinionated220d ago

The shotgun in bioshock 1 is still my favorite shotgun. Just the pop was great and the prey shotgun looks a lot like it. Can't wait to try it in the demo. I would rather see the visual upgrades and ammo types like the bioshock system. I know the new unusual weapons sound great (glue staircase) but the basic shotgun has me hyped lol.

Relientk77221d ago

I'm excited to try this game

Bigpappy220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

But it's not an exclusive, so how could it be a game? Let alone worthy of interest?

reaper602221d ago

The game gives me System Shock vibes.

DefenderOfDoom2221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

The more i hear about this game, the more i want to play it .

TheMutator220d ago

Not the Prey i was expecting. RIP Tommy Domasi.