Horizon Zero Dawn was the best-selling game on PlayStation Store in March - EU

Horizon Zero Dawn was the best-selling game on PlayStation Store in March: Aloy sees off challengers Ghost Recon Wildlands and Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Nyxus310d ago

"by a significant margin"


AlphaCentyros310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I happily contributed to that margin. It's definitely one of my favourite games, I just can't stop playing it. Well done GG, I'm looking forward to any future content of Horizon!

Edit: lol, I missed the part that it was about digital copies. I also bought the physical copy.

Nyxus310d ago

I didn't... because I bought the physical version. ;)

Sunny_D310d ago

I bought the physical copy as well. Was kind of sad to see that they didn't have a manual inside though. The old days of game manuals are going away it seems.

JBaby343310d ago

@Sunny_D: I miss game manuals too. I would always read them when I got a new game.

angelsx310d ago

Tomorrow I'm starting the game

rainslacker310d ago

Wonderful game. Very addictive world, and the side quests don't suck. World is huge. When you first zoom out on the map after playing for a while, you realize just how little of it you've seen so far.

sampson3121310d ago

@Sunny_D: "Was kind of sad to see that they didn't have a manual inside though. The old days of game manuals are going away it seems."

there is a manual, it's called the internet.
i guarantee them adding a manual would up the price of the games in some way. cost them money to make and you can be sure they would make us pay for it.

raWfodog309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Yes, I heard so many good things about the game that I deviated from my usual modus operandi and bought it shortly after its release (I usually wait a few months before buying a new game). I'm very glad I did as it is a beautiful, well-developed game with a great story. I enjoy exploring the wilderness and never get tired of engaging enemies and experimenting with different ways to take them down. I'm 30 hours into the game and still having fun within the first 1/4 of the map. Just recently completed my first cauldron. The game is great.

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UCForce310d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn is MVP. Ahh haa YES !

AspiringProGenji310d ago

See? Even if the mainstream is big and keep buying the same Ubisoft and mainstream games, there are still a big group of hardcore that support exclusive. Keep up the PlayStation Support strong!

Deep-throat310d ago

People like Ubisoft games, and HZD plays like a Ubisoft game!

Where is that big group at? They should've bought other PS4 exclusives that didn't sell well.

ps3vita4life310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Can't name any to back up your claim?.....

310d ago
Legatus310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

If this guy is not payed buy someone to camp here at n4g to troll and downplay anything Sony/PS4 related 24/7 than it's becoming really sad. I am actually starting to feel sorry for the fella.

trooper_310d ago

You know, it's okay. I know Horizon made ypu upset but it'll be alright!

ZHZ90310d ago

It plays nothing like a Ubisoft game, it plays more like to me MGS games.

Dark_Knightmare2310d ago

Dude you deep throat ms so well your name is perfect. Seriously quit clicking on ps articles just to troll its pathetic and not cool. Oh and horzion plays nothing like a Ubisoft game but nice try. One day maybe you can grow up and quit fighting for a piece of plastic and company who can give two craps about you and wouldn't piss on you to put out a fire and play games that are as good as what ps releases.

UCForce310d ago

Here your low attitude.

PLAYWATCH76310d ago

Dude, why do you dislike the PlayStation so much? They take chances and make games in genres that other companies do not to build diversity in its library, gives its studios more creative freedom than most big publishers, create new franchises every generation, and generally make some really good polished games. Did they wrong you in the past somehow? or are you paid to downplay PS like some here have suggested?

Deep-throat310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Nyxus and ps3vita4life

Gravity Rush games, Yakuzas, Until Dawn, just to name a few.

@the rest
I'm NOT a big fan of Xbox, the only Xbox console I bought was the 360.

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AizenSosuke310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Yet fanboys claimed that 3rd party games sell more......

UCForce310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Tell that to @Deep-Throat.

_-EDMIX-_310d ago


They generally do. This doesn't prove that they don't, simply that exclusives can too on occasion. ie you are not going to find much exclusives that will outsell COD or GTA etc.

Its not saying they are bad, simply that 3rd party games have a more open market to sell to as opposed to first party games.

Buddy, don't let fanboys suddenly take away your own logic. Yes, they might be bending the truth to fit some narrative, doesn't actually mean that to a degree they are not correct.

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