Mass Effect Andromeda interview: How BioWare aimed to 'fulfil the promise of Mass Effect 1'

IBTimes UK sits down with lead designer Ian Frazier and art director Joel MacMillan.

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MilkMan372d ago

Can't read it. You're blocking me cause I block ads. Guess I'll move on.

Rodney25372d ago

I don't care what people say, I'm 40 hours in and I'm having a blast, this game is amazing.

ClayRules2012372d ago

I'm genuinely glad to hear your having a blast with the game, bud! I personally don't like it ( my friend let me borrow it ) it's just really a letdown "in my opinion"

yeahright2372d ago

It gets better. The last patch helped some with the animations. I still wouldn't suggest anyone buy it without a sale price tag. But for me, at a certain point it finally clicked and feeling like mass effect. 20+ side quests open, 10 plus done, just need to go back to the quest givers and get rewards, knee deep in loyalty missions. Still the weakest entry by far, but no longer a game I regret buying. 3/5 stars for me thus far. Hopefully they tie it up nicely at end game.

Rodney25372d ago

I'm glad you were respectful about it. I would say give it time it kicks in after the second planet.

cleft5372d ago

I am a 143 hours into this game and its not good enough. Its no where near as good as a Mass Effect game should be. I like the game, but that doesn't mean I am blind to the glaring issues the game has in it. You shouldn't be blind to those issues either, otherwise we will get another substandard Mass Effect game. This game was basically a cash in, 5 years of development and the single player is a cash in on the Mass Effect name. I am sorry but that is not good enough, I love the mp though. The mp is the one thing that really shines about this game and thats only because it was made by the Mass Effect 3 mp team.

_-EDMIX-_372d ago

Good to here. Some great games coming in June, July and August and I just don't know when I'm going to have the time. With Valkyria Revolution, FFXII remaster, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Shadow Of War, its just an onslaught of games.

I'll find to time to help myself, hopefully they've fixed a lot of its issues by then, I might skip playing FFXII remaster day 1 to play it.

Bebedora372d ago

The story and the facial expression fell flat. In a non-humorous way. But if one can see pass that, I think you're good. It won't break your BioWare-heart. With the results in, I start to understand why it took a while 'finishing it'. They must've struggled immensely with their lofty graphics goals.

Kreisen372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

The game is at its best when youre running around shooting things, none of which attracted me to this franchise in the first place. When next ME inevitably comes out i sure as fuck wont be there day one.

CorndogBurglar372d ago

Which is strange because combat has ALWAYS been a huge part of the Mass Effect series.

I'm always a little confused when people say this. Nothing against you at all. It just seems strange that a game that is this heavy in combat is not one of the big factors that attract people. I understand the story, character interacions, and RPG elements thing. But people act like combat was never an important part of ME, which is just wrong. Nearly every singe mission involves combat. Combat and completing missions are the 2 ways you earn experience to level up.

I don't know. I don't get it. But to each their own, i suppose.

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