Resistance 2 Single Player Campaign Won't Be Co-Op

In Resistance: Fall of Man, the Single Player campaign could be played both one player, and co-operatively with a friend locally with a split-screen. This has been scrapped for Resistance 2.

So, if you want to play through Resistance 2's single player campaign with a buddy... Tough luck! Just play the co-op campaign with eight buddies online instead and be happy with that.


Note: The Co-Op Campaign will have split-screen play, it's just the single player campaign that won't.

This isn't really that big a deal, just that some people might be interested to find out.

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ape0073735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

cause single player campaign is only made for one player,balanced for one

having 4 or 8 players in it well be too easy

nice decision insomniac

but the question is,well the co-op campaign be as good as single player ?

HighDefinition3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Let me finish this sentence.

"Resistance 2 Single Player Campaign Won't Be Co-Op, because the Co-op campaign has splitscreen"

SullyDrake3735d ago

The game already has possibly the most robust online mechanic, complete with awards and Trophies and an EXP system and ranks, and will no doubt have at least 8 modes of multiplayer, plus the 8-player Co-op.

Having the campaign be single-player only is a good thing - we'll get one hell of a great story and some unbelievable action sequences, then when we've conquered every difficulty, the multi-player will be waiting.

Soren the Cat3735d ago

It's a new idea that will threaten some videogamers, but overall I think it is a good thing to support change and innovation because that's how the field makes progress.

Mr_Bun3735d ago

It is basically the same thing...They aren't "scrapping it", they have just made it a different selection...Single campaign or Co-op campaign. Good to know that they have a campaign specifically geared for co-op not to mention the online co-op!

Ghoul3735d ago

stupidd news

that why there was a SINGLE and a CO-OP campaign from the start ....

sonarus3735d ago

are you guys pulling stuff from your ass or has it been confirmed no splitscreen coop. I told my friend no splitscreen coop for R2 and he was sad cus he was looking forward to coop-ing with his girlfriend.

I assumed 8p coop wouldn't have can any one confirm this or are we guessing

Doppy3735d ago

That sucks. It made it easier for my friends to learn how to play Resistance, when they could play alongside of me. Now they have to play against hordes of chimera and probably get owned.

But I can understand why they did it, and it shouldn't stop anyone from buying the game.

gunnerforlife3734d ago

im sorry but that just degrades the game a bit. i love playing it with ma mate at teh same time it was loads of fun:) this just ruins the game a bit:(

cmrbe3734d ago

"Single" player means one player?.

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Raoh3735d ago

i thought we already knwe this?

its a

1 player mode

8 Player Co-Op mode

and 60 Player Multiplayer mode

i guess some people needed a more official confirmation

mephman3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Given that R:FoM had a single player campaign which could be played split-screen locally, many presumed this would still be the case in R2. It's only been confirmed today that it won't be.

wetowel3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

that ok, local multiplayer was alright. Besides i rather my friend play on his on tv

CBosh43735d ago

You can still play the co-op campaign with local split screen though, here's to hoping its as good as the single player campaign.

mephman3735d ago

Yea, damn right.

I'm sure the co-op campaign will kick ass too. :)

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Fishy Fingers3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

No co-op in the SINGLE player campaign? Really....

Next we'll be hearing there's no single player in the CO-OP campaign.

mephman3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Since the SINGLE player campaign in R:FoM was CO-OPERATIVE, I think many people assumed that would still be the case in R2, even with the addition of a separate co-op campaign.

Fishy Fingers3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Because it didnt also incorporate a separate 8 player co-op story did it? durrrr....

Sorry but Insomniac constantly reinforce the fact there is a single player story, a co-op story and multiplayer.

Ted Price and his 4 C's "Campaign, Co-op, Competitive multiplayer and Community"

I think it's rather obvious the SINGLE player will be indeed, single player when they have a separate story built purely for co-op, what would be the point in having both exactly? Co-op single player and co-op? It would simply distract from the quality of the single player, you cant just drop in 7 more players and expect the experience to be the same.

Oh you've edited you post....

beavis4play3735d ago

but post 3.2 is just too much common sense. and it seems too many people who come to this site are waaaaaaay lacking in that dept.
but i agree with you. i was surprised to see this "confirmation". who didn't know this? there is so much going to be offered with the game; co-op for the single- player campaign sounds a little redundant and unnecessary.

Mr_Bun3735d ago

The point is most games that let you have co-op in the single player campaign are pretty much identical to the single player with the ai cranked up sometimes. This is awesome news all the way around!

Why o why3735d ago

tabloid headlines sell more papers

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dale13735d ago

don,t care just want the game,and thank f*ck we have bluray rather than dvd other wise multi pack spring to mind, who knows the total gb data for this

Fishy Fingers3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I wouldnt be surprised if this is the second game to use Dual-Layer BR disc's. MGS being the first.

Then again 25GB (single-layer) is a heck of a lot of space to fill. But yeah, I doubt it would fit on a single DVD at least not without some heavy compression.

Still, changing a disc every now and then isn't really a hardship unless your EXTREMELY lazy.

aiphanes3735d ago

It is too huge for a wimpy 25 Gb bluray disc...Insomiac and sony are going all out for this game.

50 Gb bluray baby!

thereapersson3735d ago

I thought that this would be a given considering that Insomniac Games are creating a separate Co-op campaign just for this purpose? I guess some people still have to get noticed with their opinions...

thor3735d ago

Yes but I at least expected there to be a 2-player split-screen co-op option. I don't know if there will even be split-screen on the co-op mode, it's not been mentioned and I'm starting to worry about it now.

thereapersson3735d ago

I think that because the story is a lot more fleshed out now, they wanted to separate the sections of the game that would be more multiplayer-oriented. Despite how focused they are on bringing an excellent multiplayer asepct of the game to us, they still wanted to show that a good single player envelopment could be created by making the main story a one man operation.

At least that's my take on things...