5 Mechanics That Have Made Gamers and Gaming Soft

Jerry from BagoGames says, "Gaming used to be insanely difficult. As the generations progressed, it got easier. Here are 5 mechanics that have made us soft.

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Perjoss405d ago

Rewind in driving games :D

InTheZoneAC405d ago

-Rewind in racing games
-CPU will do 90% of the work for you in sports games if you rarely touch the controller
-crazy amounts of aim assist in shooters...Save your bs counter
-Microtransactions, people would rather spend $50-$200 on incomplete games than a fixed price for a complete game
-motion controlled games that are really basic but it would have you believe it's worth it!!!1one!!!

madforaday405d ago

-hit detector to tell the person that they hit the enemy.

InTheZoneAC405d ago

How could I forget an obvious one like that. My favorite shooter on PS2 had no hit indicator, you saw impact and blood.

Diehard PS2 shooters know what game I'm talking abooot

madforaday405d ago (Edited 405d ago )


Socom! It had no Aim Assist, No Respawn, no Health Regen of any kind, no radar, and it was/is the best shooter still well Socom 1 and 2 at least.

dillydadally405d ago

Only one I don't agree with is the auto aim. Auto aim done right is needed on consoles for an enjoyable experience and I hate fps games on consoles that don't have it. There a reason csgo on consoles flopped compared to PC, and it's the same reason CoD, despite its many faults, is widely considered to have the best aiming on consoles.

InTheZoneAC404d ago

How do you hate not having it when there's only one fps game on current gen without it? And again, this industry has hand held too much so people act like they need it.

I have no desire to play CS as there a lot of bs broken mechanics.

MeteorPanda405d ago

yeah okay take off the rose tinted glasses. SNES games were usually overly hard with limited to no checkpoints to prolong the life of their game. Games are more fun as ever as game design has been researched into

yeahright2405d ago

Agreed. I'm glad gaming has grown up with me in that sense. being able to pause or save at the drop of a hat is very much welcome when you've got two young kids. the controller gets dropped either way, but it's nice to be able to just pick right back up whether I'll be away for an hour or not back until the next day.

InTheZoneAC405d ago

There's nothing wrong with being able to save wherever whenever.

RedPill86405d ago

Checkpoints are a flawed system in itself. Saving where ever you want is what games should have. Modern gaming is full of all kinds of stupid things that old school stuff didn't. The lack of depth in modern games is shocking with how much RAM is available.

Perjoss405d ago

The first thing I do when I'm playing a new game (the ones that don't allow save anywhere) is find out what is the safe way to quit in order not to lose progress. That info is hardly ever in the games, almost always have to Google it.

Usually you get the standard message of 'are you sure? If you quit now you will lose progress since the last save' ...Well thanks game, any chance you could tell me when the last save happened?, You know, like how the Uncharted games do it.

Don't get me started on cutscenes that cannot be paused or replayed either lol

yeahright2405d ago

Depends. Take a game like heavy rain. the checkpoint system works best. It locks in your choices and eliminates back tracking and for a story like that, I'd say the checkpoint system is essential.

Why o why405d ago

Super ghouls and ghosts. . . . . .that is all

DVAcme405d ago

Agreed. I always use for example Battletoads. Anyone who has fond memories of Battletoads is psychotic. It's always cited as a hard game, but it is not, it's an UNFAIR game. Limited continues, loads of "gotcha!" cheap kills, constantly changing mechanics and a ridiculohs difficulty spike if played 2-player. Compare that to, say, Dark Souls, which is undisputably a hard game, but it gives the player the tools to tackle it, and its difficulty can be taken on through various methods. You could grind until your character is strong enough to tackle any threat, you can look for new equipment to allow you to take on the challenges, you can explore other areas to look for gear or shortcuts, etc.

Now, difficulty in games is usually part of the appeal, while back in the day it was a part of it you couldn't do anything about.

MeteorPanda405d ago

for me it was lion king lol. that damn cant wait to be king song. my god.

RommyReigns405d ago

It's like as if phone games saw the difficulty spike model of battletoads and found a way to fleece the unwary via microtransactions making every other phone game do the same. Battletoads was one effed up game, I did get through the bike section only twice after many tries, and even then the next section would bring about an instant game over.

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yeahright2405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Gaming was insanely difficult because it based off arcades, which were designed to be difficult so you'd have to keep popping in quarters.
Games can still be difficult today, dark souls, witcher, nioh, etc. But games have grown up quite a bit since then. I'll put the story from games like bioshock and the last of us up against some of my favorite modern books and they punch in the same weight class.

405d ago
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