Yoshida: PS3's lack of fortunes in Japan is "mainly a software thing"

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told VG247 that PS3 hasn't yet seen explosive fortunes in Japan because the right software hasn't yet been released for the machine.

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HighDefinition3466d ago

The RPG problem, that ENDS December 25th.

Palodios3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

But... then what? Besides wishful thinking that IU/SO4/ ToV are only timed exclusives, what else is coming within the next decade? FF13 and FF13V are hugely anticipated in Japan, sure, sure, but who knows if they'll stay exclusive, and for all we know, they haven't even started working on the gameplay yet. Name one other traditional jrpg exclusive that we've actually seen gameplay screenshots for, and I'll be happy, but really, Sony messed up big on rpgs this generation. TGS, please please pretty please give us something nice.

thor3466d ago

Everyone has messed up on RPGs this generation. I'm sick of all these pretend RPGs that are really action games in disguise. I don't want to shoot and slash people in real-time in every RPG I play, for me that's what used to seperate the RPG genre from all the shooters and slash-em-ups out there. There hasn't been a single traditional AAA RPG released for a while.

theKiller3466d ago

agree with u,

what made JRPGs good is that when u r fighting u can take ur time to attack and in that time u can think of a strategy!!

FF10 was 10 times better than FF12!!

i want FF7 remake to be same fighting mechanism but only improved!

thor3466d ago

Yeah I loved FF10, I loved the way you weren't rushed to make your attacks, and you could see the order of turns. It added a whole layer of strategy which I loved. I never beat penance, though :( But I beat all the dark aeons, thought they were impossible when I first tried (and didn't know how you could pick off the magus siters 1 by 1)

VF34EJ253466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

I agree with Thor. RPGs in general is completely messed up. Too often we are getting RPGs that try to be different in a unnecessary way. Straying away from a good formula. Most people would be pretty satisfied with extremely awesome visuals, and a few knick knacks here and there.

It seems developers are now just pushed into a corner because if they make a traditional RPG, they will be accused of lack of innovation. If they make it different, then it strays too far away from the formula. Nobody is pleased.

However, WKC hopefully is looking to blend the two better than the RPGs out so far. What do I mean? I'm talking about the fighting system. It's still somewhat turn-based but at the same time real-time. But then again, there's still not enough information on it to be conclusive. But knowing Level-5's history with RPGs, it's looking hopeful.

But one last thing is that RPGs and other genres are mixing up for a reason. Sales. Currently the biggest sellers are shooters, at least in the U.S. Developers, even japanese ones cannot deny that force. They want a piece of that pie. So that's why they make those RPGs blended with western style game mechanics.

Maldread3466d ago

Agree with you. I loved FF10`s battle system.

I think the more real-time RPG stuff we`ve been seeing is an attempt to bring more people into RPG`s (by being real time and more free roaming) and because developers "want/has to" do something new with the genre itself.

Doctor Strange3466d ago

The story wasn't as good as X but they did a good job of disguising the ATB from previous games and adding the gambit system to set up things according to how you wanted to play the game. If you didn't like the gambit you could still play old school by stoping time when you brought up the menu, plan and then attack. The battle system from X was awesome too don't get me wrong.

I think the problem this generation with RPG's is that it seems to lack the kind of polish you would expect coming from RPG's. I think the reason why people are looking forward to White Knight and FFXIII is because Level-5 and Square-Enix usually take their time to make quality games.

When I think of games like FFVII, FFX, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, FFVI, Dragon Quest they are just very polished, quality games and thats why they are always mentioned to being the best we have ever seen. Those are my 2 cents.

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thereapersson3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )


Thankfully White Knight Story is being released in Japan in December. Lord only knows how many units that game will push, especially because Level 5 is an acclaimed Japanese developer.

I'm glad they are at least recognizing this problem. Now the only thing left to do is to fix the issue with "actions", instead of talk-talk with "words".

theKiller3466d ago

if they know because of lack of JRPGs then why they didnt secure enough of them?? well any way i see they start to recognize this problem with release of Disgaea 3 and white night story this year, but its not enough!! at least 4 is needed every year!!

does anyone know if FF13 will be released this year in japan?? i know they said that but we didnt get any date release yet and its end of september!!

juuken3466d ago

I agree with you. I starting to get a little disheartened by the lack of rpg's right now. I'm looking forward to White Knight Chronicles but rpg won't cut it.

Stryfeno23466d ago

It's two years too late.

[email protected] pompous fools...Why now Sony? You were king of RPGs in the PS2 era. Now all you do is sit on your high chair thinking "Oh consumers are gonna buy our products because it's a Sony's PS3".

Well, guess what? I didn't.

Porno Decepticon3466d ago

Oh patch, you're so retarded! It's like a lovable retardation though, just so cute!

Paiton3466d ago

Eternal Sonata is coming this October. Thats two.

Valkyrie is also upon us soon.

And then Whiteknight. Probably the BIGGEST RPG to hit any console next to FF13.

And after whiteknight, hopefully ICO game. And after that FF13.
Plenty to look forward to.

The power of the PS brand means that we get to enjoy every genre because the PS3 is diverse with plenty of triple A titles for everyone.

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ToastyMcNibbles3466d ago

the rpgs will just takes time...the 360 just started getting all these rpgs and its going on 3 years assumption is we are gonna see ps3 rpgs around the same time...ps3 is only in year 2...but its pretty obvious that western games have taken over and become way more popular

SL1M DADDY3466d ago

And I would love to see a really good one released. A title like FFX and FFVII with their compelling story, awesome characters and turn based combat. I still love the huge, elaborate moves in FFX. I also loved games like Skies of Arcadia and Grandia, I wish they would do remakes of them too!

Blakzhuk3466d ago

two words...Lost Odyssey.

snakeater33466d ago

why would you want a remake ? just go play the original on psone and treat yourself. thats what i did. i recently bought the resi psone series from ebay and , even though resi 1's graphics are crap today, i still enjoyed myself very much was the highlight of this last week ...finishing resi 1 and 2 back to back! oh the nostalgia!

VF34EJ253466d ago

"Lost Odyssey."

No please. No.

LO wasn't that great. Glitchy visuals, unstable frame rate, and boring story. Sorry, I played some of the beginning of the game. And that damn part where there's a bunch of reading for Kaim's dream totally killed it.

Sure some people like it, and it's generally a solid RPG than some others. But it's nowhere near what a true "next-gen" RPG should be.

ceedubya93466d ago

I feel you missed out. Lost Odyssey is a good game. Its about as traditional as it gets. If you want a traditional turn-based JRPG, you can't go wrong with this game.

The Dream sequences could be skipped, so that really didn't take away from the game at all. Its an optional thing to flesh out the story.

The game was solid overall. That's about all you can really ask for. I'm not certain what a true next gen RPG would be.

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chrisnick3466d ago

3 or 4 good japanese games and they'll start eating those ps3's up...what they need net.

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