Screenshot-Fight: Vista versus Windows 7

In the past few days more and more Screenshots of a Pre-Release-Version (Milestone) of Windows 7 appeared on the Internet. OS-Informer took those pictures and compared each of them with Windows Vista. Not that much of a difference, but you should see for yourself.

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Fishy Fingers3401d ago

You think Windows 7 will still look like that in nearly 2 years? Rather pointless comparison, if a pretty OS is what is important to you, get an Apple, when it comes to Windows it's the performance that ranks first and foremost with me.

crazy250003401d ago

What I really want, is for developers to make it so that Windows 7 uses less resources and remove all the bloatware.

If every OS was released without junk, I dont think Vista would have had such a bad rep.

crazy250003401d ago

other then the fanboyism and following, OSX isnt much....I use Ubuntu and Vista and they are an awesome combination

the laptop i want to buy cost $1000 and a macbook with the same exact hardware cost $2,200....

rawd3401d ago

Yeah using 2 operating systems instead of one makes much more sense. Very efficient as well


crazy250003401d ago

im sure youre much smarter then that =/

rawd3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Don't be upset you can't afford it and don't listen to others. McDonalds is a pretty good place to work

Money is nothing when it comes to productivity. $1,000 is spit when you consider a Macbook Pro runs Vista better then a PC laptop.

Shroomy3401d ago

Pointless comparisons, they don't work on the Visual aspects first, whoever approved this is an idiot.

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