Screw Burnout, We Want Road Rash

Criterion are something of an anomaly amongst developers. While others will try to leech you for every penny you have even for the most minor of expansions, Criterion have slaved away and provided two fairly substantial updates free of charge.

But wouldn't it be awesome if EA gave them licence to make a new Road Rash game?

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Mr_Bun3733d ago

Road Rash was awesome! Especially knocking people off of their bikes, but especially jumping cars and especially knocking people off of their bikes!

Montrealien3733d ago


FMV and Licensed CD quality Music!

Hellsvacancy3733d ago

How on earth did i manage to 4get about Road Rash i think it was my 1st ever consoles games (Mega drive) i can still remember a couple of the bikers names Biff and Slater it was great

They where the days of gamin

hay3733d ago

Yeah, Road Rash was awesome. Good ol' times.

Karum3733d ago

I'd love a new Road Rash game, I had so much fun with those games on the Mega Drive (Genesis)

killcycle3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I have all of the road rash tunes on my ps3 hardrive and use them when playing burnout Lol i'm a huge old school fan.

There was a road rash on ps2 but it was horrible.

Hey wait the title said "screw burnout".
Burnout paradise is amazing so eat that.

Cajun Chicken3733d ago

No. Make 'Burnout: Road Rash'. A reboot of the franchise but under Criterion's wing.
This is one franchise I want back, it needs to be like the original games on Amiga and MegaDrive, not like the later hairy biker dudes ones.

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