NVIDIA teases 'it's coming' for April 29

NVIDIA has something to show the world on April 29, and we have no idea what it is

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XiNatsuDragnel377d ago

Titan XP TI ultra super duper omega edition

Eldyraen376d ago

Nvidia gets all their naming ideas from Capcom nowadays.

Jojo1984376d ago

I can wait to sell my reg 1080 n pick up 2 of them to run in sli

Tapani376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

If you can't wait you can give me the money now and I will invest it in my private pension.

Jojo1984376d ago

To late tapani i already gave it to nvidia

376d ago
lazyboyblue376d ago

Its probably a graphics card Dave.

376d ago
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