EA responds on Spore bannings

Boomtown reports: "Electronic Arts has quickly denied that Spore owners will have their accounts terminated for discussing DRM issues on the official forum.

Yesterday we reported on forum posts from moderators which threatened to bring the banhammer down.

Now EA has stated that banning users is not an official policy.

"These comments are absolutely not true or in-line with EA's moderation policy," EA told Kotaku. "They were made by an over-zealous community volunteer who does not work for EA. Anyone who looks at the boards will clearly see that DRM and other issues are freely discussed on the Spore forums, alongside other topics about the game."

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pcgia3733d ago

lol funny stuff though

ind13732d ago

Ps3 > Xbox 360


Xbox > Ps3

y0haN3732d ago

I know of one volunteer moderator who just lost his status.