MMORPG now available on PSN: Angel Love Online

Angel Love Online, the first free MMORPG, is now available for download on the JAPANESE Playstatin store. See my comment below to find a detailed tutorial on how to get registered.

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cp683680d ago

Follow this link, user shhhoff from the GAMETRAILERS forums has made a nice tutorial: http://forums.gametrailers....

DNAgent3680d ago

Sure that tutorial will tell you how to sign up but what about when you jump into the game and find out that everything else is in Japanese? I don't think there will be a tutorial about navigating the actual game anytime soon.

Barca_V_V3680d ago

GREAT !!!!
finally they released an mmorpg, i hope they release 1 for US & UK very soon, cant wait.

chasuk083680d ago

So do I, but im guessing the chances are slim, considering US and UK are more interested in shooters and sports games over RPGS

paul-p19883680d ago

not really, i cant stand FPS games anymore, and i prefer RPG's over most other games and im from the UK :) but i know what you mean, and i cant quite understand why we like all the FPS games, there all the dam same lol

Doctor Strange3680d ago

I'm not the biggest Halo fan but I'm looking forward to playing this. I hope after this they move on to something new.

Kyle12123680d ago

lol, i think you posted that in the wrong place buddy.

Doctor Strange3680d ago

Your right :) Sorry disregard this post.

Evocation3680d ago

Finally, I thought they had given up, English version got released on PC, so I Imagen if the Japanese is successful it'll come over here as well.

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