Coffee and Horizon: Neil Druckmann Talks with Hermen Hulst

From the origins of Aloy to the emergence of a post-post-apocalypse, two iconic game developers sit down for coffee and conversation.

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Nyxus436d ago

I like how impressed Neil is with the graphics.

"You better believe I'm going to my team saying: okay, this is the bar now. We have to top this."

UCForce436d ago

GG match ND level of quality. A lot of people doubted GG skill, but they wrong in the end.

naruga436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

probably as of now you know my console of preference ....i dont like anything from these 2 ....Sony i like you but not for Uncharted and Killzone/Horizon.. decent games but i couldnt immerse/attach myself in none of them.....though enjoyed more Last of Us

UCForce436d ago

@naruga Your opinion isn't valid. I'm sorry, but I see your comment history. It's seem your mind have childish and reckless attitude.

naruga436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

@UCF r calling me childish because i dont like some games you may like?? ..i think your sayings right now is ironic because this is a true childish behavior ....that s why i consider PS4 good console ... unlike Xbox doesnt have 3or 4 western /westernized quality Ips that t repeats all the time and beyond them nothing else ...instead has a diverse game library , with AAA games in every genre satisfying all the tastes.....

UCForce436d ago

@naruga Everyone have their choice. I respect every video game developers including the one you hate. You don't know to control your behavior. Always go with renegade attitude. That's not gonna help.

Eonjay435d ago

Graphically, this game is incredibly impressive. A technical masterpiece.

RommyReigns435d ago

And the best part of your statement is GG did that on Horizon without going anywhere near maxing out the PS4. There is still more room for epicness.

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Bathyj436d ago

Love to be a fly on the wall in that room.

sampson3121436d ago

you were a camera eye which is better

435d ago
rivaldoo777436d ago

Two awsome guys!! Looks like Sony might be teasing something b4 E3

Rimeskeem435d ago

If they teamed up to make a game I would straight cry......

Cry manly tears!!!!!

rivaldoo777435d ago

I might shout and scream first!!

gbsrnctaln436d ago

THIS is why Sony is king. They horde all of the talent.

_-EDMIX-_436d ago

Agreed. They crafted a world that made you want to fight for it.

Its not only that they have talent, they allow them to be creative in the first place. What is a caged Tiger, to a wild Tiger always building its skills?

_-EDMIX-_436d ago

Man that was a really, really good video! I WANT MORE!

Who knows what would have happened to this concept if Sony just forced them to make Killzone for life..

Great team, great publisher.

Bathyj435d ago

Such a great candid conversation. What a couple of cool guys.

Druckmann in relation to graphics, "I don't even think of them as graphics. I'm IN the woods. You better believe I'm going to say to my team now, THIS IS THE BAR NOW"

robtion435d ago

Yep, great video. This should be the sort of article trending on n4g.

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The story is too old to be commented.