Why cute platform games need to make a comeback

Are the days of cute platformers such as Rainbow Islands and The New Zealand Story gone forever? Because can we have them back, please...?

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Silogon3312d ago

I can think of 1 reason and a big one... They sold systems. Crash, Mario and Sonic. They sold systems. They were offical Mascots to these companies. They were like NFL team logo's. They could market 1 character and with that a system. It was amazing what they could get done by slapping sonic or Mario on an advert and console box.

They do need to come back for that reason.

yoghurt3312d ago

i think sackboy will do just that for ps3

Baba19063312d ago

LBP is pretty much as cute as game can get. and as complex and as open, and as imaginativ and.....well it rules.

thereapersson3312d ago

Hopefully this will mark the resurgence of the platform genre with the release of this game. Who knows, maybe developers will see the popularity of this title and start creating similar projects on their own.

jtucker783312d ago

New Zealand story was fantastic!! Loved those steel balloons.
Rainbow islands was cool too, but I prefered Parasol Stars. The bosses on that game were great.

Erm... regarding the question. Did cute platformers ever leave?
Paper mario? Warioland: Shake it.

In fact Nintendo has a monopoly on cute games.
cute kart racing, cute platforming, cute brawling, cute puzzle games.

Do they actually have any non-cartoon character / non-cute games?

BrotherNick3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Eternal Darkness. Enough said you had a gamecube...I doubt that now.