Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars first official screen

Forget the scans, has the first screenshot of Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars. It shows the drug dealing game which allows you to sell heroine, cocaine, pot, tablets, acid and downers.

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ape0073553d ago

rockstar north please with all respect to you guys

we want a true san andreas sequel,a big,BIG gta that makes the 50-gb blu-ray disk look small

and change your vision about the game,we want it like the old gta's not realistic,sure we want the city to be realistic,the cars LOOK,the feel,we want the enviroment to be even more realistic than the already unbelievable gta 4's lc,complete with country side but in gameplay department,we don't want it to be realistic

you R* made it all realistic,it's like one step further,ONE GANT LEAP BEHIND

JohnnyMann4203553d ago

I don't know if the 1st digital screenshot R* would publish for their game would show this.

Sounds like videogame suicide especially since this is a DS game.

I am not saying R* isn't controversal, just saying that this isn't R*'s style.

The Dark Knight3553d ago

This game will not see the light of day in Australia lol isnt the drugs what got fallout banned???

robotnik3553d ago

Mother, I want to be a virtual drug dealer.

skillshot3553d ago

Obviously fake. Its just a mock up of drug wars with R* things on it that someone has made. I really doubt the primarily English speaking Rockstar Games would put the first screenshot, showing no action, on a French website.