Banjo-Kazooie XBLA Video Leaked, Nintendo references removed from the game

A video of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade remake of Banjo-Kazooie, which was announced for a November 26th release yesterday, has been leaked onto YouTube. The video is over nine minutes long and contains gameplay footage from the start of the game.

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RAF-TECH3466d ago

This game simply one of the best platformers in the gaming industry.
it's right next to Goemon and SM64.

angry_xbot3466d ago

Noone cares. Unless you dont have any next gen games to play because you own a 3rd60.

ape0073466d ago

oh the memories

those were the days I wish I can see something like that today

level design and gameplay are so amazing,better than 90% of crappy games released today

timmyrulz3466d ago

Says he who typed his comment whilst playing through MGS4 for the 50th time, getting boring yet is it?

sit down droid3465d ago

exactly no one cares bout how much you flop at trolling.
do you really have everything in the balance in this console war
and come, dont say this is your 1st account or you will be pitching ballsht just like pony

jeffaustin903465d ago

Good for you 360 people, you'll be getting the chance to own a great Nintendo game. This video makes me wanna go downstairs and play BK on my N64. I think I just might.

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