Press Start: BioShock 2 is basically just as good as its predecessor

Having played each BioShock game several times, Gazette gaming columnist writes BioShock 2 is as good as the game that started it all—well, almost, anyway.

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-Foxtrot494d ago

Not really

Delta just felt like a typical Big Daddy where the backstory was quickly made up...even Jack was silent but he had a good backstory.

Didn't offer us any new insight on Rapture...could have made a story set during where the place first goes to shit

I would have liked to see Jack return and given a voice to expand on his character

Couldn't back track to previous levels

Just felt like something that could have been a big DLC expansion to be honest.

Concertoine494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

But the gameplay was a big step up. So much variety in the combat.

Also the morality was more in depth if still flawed.

The dlc is very good too. Even the multiplayer i have fun with. I know its not the best bioshock but its probably my favorite.

Also theres a big meta-narrative involved with jack as a silent protag that wouldve been ruined if he was inexplicably given a voice.

gangsta_red494d ago

The gameplay was the only improvement Bioshock 2 had everything else was a poor attempt to capture the feel of the first one.

"Didn't offer us any new insight on Rapture.."

The story of Bioshock 2 even kind of ruined part 1 with the inclusion of another antagonist that almost trivialized how big Andrew Ryan really was.

"...could have made a story set during where the place first goes to shit..."

I said the same thing long ago, that would have been fantastic being in Rapture and witnessing the place go straight to hell.

Concertoine494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

At the same time seeing rapture 20 years after it went to hell was also cool. The sea practically took over and seeing all the fluroscent sea life taking over manmade structures was amazing. The splicers were deformed beyond belief.

I still think the underwater segments are one of the best inclusions. Bioshock is sensory overload - splicer's screaming as you shoot them and zap them while music is playing while an audio log is whirling. Its all too much sometimes, those underwater segments were gorgeous and helped the pacing loads.

Infinite spoilers:
Also i personally think Infinite trivializes the first game even more. The whole multiverse implication makes everything pointless in the grand scheme.

Ken levine games are all about high stakes, big ideas, and big spectacle, etc. So Bioshock 2 and Minervas den, to me, shine as the black sheep. Very character-focused personal stories and a look at the unseen parts of Rapture.

-Foxtrot494d ago

Yeah she kind of just appeared out of nowhere and just took over when he died. If she was referenced in the last game like she was part of the Atlas/Ryan feud but was looked at as the underdog they didn't take seriously I could understand but suddenly she was Rapture under control. Didn't make sense

I like to pretend this is not the same world as the first game but another "door" and "what if" event what "could" have happened once Jack left Rapture behind.

gangsta_red494d ago

I chalk the inclusion of Bioshock in Infinite as a nod to fanboys because it really didn't serve a whole lot of purpose except to lazily try and connect all of them together.

Seeing Rapture 10 years after was okay but not too special for me personally. I would have more liked a story of being a resident in Rapture and watching a slow burn of people going crazy, wondering what is going on in this supposed paradise and then one day waking up to complete madness and trying to escape a city underwater that has now basically become your tomb.

Bioshock 2 is definitely the black sheep but for me it's the black sheep in a bad way. It's the Borderlands: Pre-Sequel, Batman Arkham Origins of the series, capitalizing on what made the original(s) great, adding some gameplay improvements but mimicking the storyline and adding nothing original.

-Foxtrot494d ago

You know what would have been good if we were looking at a prequel game...Diane McClintock

She was one of the first diaries you pick up in the game and you pick up more recordings chronicling her adventure about how she went from an ordinary citizen of Rapture to being part of the rebellion against Andrew. She was also Andrew Ryans girlfriend aswell so she would have had strong ties to the lore.

In the end she apparently bit the bullet at the hands of Atlas when she accidentally walked in on him when he was talking as Frank, scared of being found out incase she did overhear him he shot her...NOW you do see a body in the game but I wouldn't mind if they changed it so he accidentally shot someone else and she ran for it. Her goal at the end of the game would be to escape Rapture as the events with Jack play out alongside her story.

I think it could have been a great side story in my opinion...even if the Bioshock film focused on her,

mkis007493d ago

They explain in the game the Ryan got rid of her by secluding her and her flock in a section of the HUGE City the is Rapture.

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opinionated494d ago

Nah. That's not to say it's a bad game, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The first bioshock is on another level.

bluefox755494d ago

I agree, really underrated.

PhoenixUp494d ago

I like Bioshock 2 a lot better than its predecessor

CorndogBurglar494d ago

I had bee-hands in Bioshock 1. That was awesome. Shooting bees out of my hands.

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