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Mirror's Edge demo will hit today on PSN/XBL

Digital Gamers reports that the Mirror Edge demo will hit today for both the PSN and XboxLive. (Mirror's Edge, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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LordMe  +   2697d ago
Lets hope so, I REALLY want this game.
shine1396  +   2697d ago
Its a shame there's no global psn top ten...I would've really loved to have seen the top ten psn games this week..some thing like qore should really show us a top ten on a monthly basis at least... My bet was on Wipeout Hd, but then they announced that mega man 9 was set to come today, and then theres burnout paradise, and oh yeh, Mirrors edge might make it in, not to mention that we still haven't got a pes demo yet...
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AAACE5  +   2697d ago
I'm still not sure about this game, so i'm glad they are releasing a demo so I can see for myself!
Tarasque  +   2697d ago
Am i the only one that caught that the title says "Mirror's Edge demo will hit today on PSN/XBL". But in the actual article it says will be out on the 26th which is tomorrow.
Strop77  +   2697d ago

Click on the link....lets hope its not true!
chasuk08  +   2697d ago
@ Strop77
Well it obviously is true as its come from EA's mouth
Homicide  +   2697d ago
Can't wait to download this. This game looks amazing.
Beast_Master  +   2697d ago
I have to wait
I have a feeling it won't be out there tonight. I mean the game is still almost a month and a half out, seems to soon for the Demo. I would think EA would release a Dead Space, and LOTR: Conquest Demos before Mirrors Edge? Just a thought, plus we have some big confirmed stuff releasing tonight. We will see though I am exicited to play the demo if it is true.
HighDefinition  +   2697d ago
Dice confirmed it.

solidt12  +   2696d ago
Im looking forward to this. The game looks fun and challenging.
AceSh00t  +   2697d ago
Go Sweden!
Lets see what DICE have up their sleeve this time! have BIG hopes for this game
InMyOpinion  +   2697d ago
Svenska utvecklare rockar röfv! I hope this is true, can't wait to try it out!
StephanieBBB  +   2697d ago
haha rockar röv lr? Jo de smeker det mesta förrutom typ blizzard och insomniac m.m =)

Please let this rumor be true!
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InMyOpinion  +   2697d ago
Inte röv. Röfv ska det vara. Adlig röv liksom.

I don't think it's coming today...
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Psycho_Mantis  +   2697d ago
OMG! No way! This game is on my top list of games to get this year but i did not expect a demo of it. When i herd this news i awemost had a joygasim. Lets hope that this is true tough or ill be upset.
christian hour  +   2697d ago
Yeah same. I really hope it comes out today on XBL or PSN... I left my 360 in a friends last night so I'm gonna have to get it off PSN... Which isn't so bad. I just wish the download times were faster... and I didn't have to sit through an instal as well :(

Seriously anticipating this title more than a blowjob! (that MAY be a little far fetched...)
thor  +   2697d ago
Woah HOW much content is being released today on the PS Store??

Edit: WTF? Why disagree? I asked that question because it seems like there's a lot of content being added today. And I didn't expect this as well. There's 4 full game releases, including wipeout HD and burnout paradise!
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plain rice  +   2697d ago
Probably the best PSN update ever.
Why o why  +   2697d ago
cummon now thor
this is N4G remember, dont sweat it. disagree's are the new way of expressing envy you know


see, lol
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PirateThom  +   2697d ago
I've given up on the agree/disagree system, if there's something I strongly disagree or agree with, you'll know about it.

In this is the case, I believe PSN has seen its best day in, well, forever!
ape007  +   2697d ago
@ thor
don't worry about them stupid fanboys

take a bubble
Porno Decepticon  +   2697d ago
One side in particular is just green with envy! Have fun with your 1997 Duke Nukem boys! I'm going to play WipeoutHD.
NipGrip  +   2697d ago
I'm saying..
Downloadable versions of *two* full games and so much more. A very good PSN Store update that is just unmatched. Not to mention you can also download and play the FREE Japanese MMORPG released today called "Angel Love Online".

Sony is becoming the king of online services with this kind of stuff. Once we get cross game chat, it's going to be ahead of the others by a longshot thanks to things like GT5: prologue, Warhawk, and now Wipeout HD and Burnout and I am sure many more to follow. FULLY featured >1 gig games is something the others just can't compete with. Did I mention the service is free and without any ads? Yay!
lociefer  +   2697d ago
omg cant wait , lets just hope it dosent flop , oh pllzzz dont flop
LordMe  +   2697d ago
I think this might be the Assassin's Creed of '08. Everyone is worried that it won't stack up to the hype. But like AC I think this one will.
radical_pi  +   2697d ago
so youre saying the first 15 hours will be great, then there will be a ridiculous plot twist involving magic and a big globe, then theres gonna be some sh*t on the walls and the game will end? lets hope ALL of mirrors edge lives up to the hype.
jtucker78  +   2697d ago
I really hope this isn't the Assassin's Creed of 08. Fantastic looking game, but with boring and repetitive gameplay.

A game that totally caved in under the hype.

Hopefully it's like Bioshock. Lived up to the hype.
christian hour  +   2697d ago
I really don't mind if it turns out to be a flop, or get boring/old/repetitive. It just means I have more money to spend on games the next few months. Here's my list so far... including what console I'll be getting it on.

PES 2009 (360)
Saints Row 2 (360)
Far Cry 2 (360)
Fable 2 (360)
Little Big PLanet (ps3)
Fallout 3 (360)
smackdown vs raw 2009(360)
gears of war 2(360)
left 4 dead (360)

And thats about it... and before ps3 fanboys come along... The Reason I'm getting most of the multiplatform titles for 360 is a simple, obvious choice. None of my friends own ps3's. In fact I'm the only person I know who does. They all own 360's. And I prefer achievements over trophies.

So long story short, in october and november I'll be spending almost 600 euro on games :| so yeah... if mirrors edge isn't good then I wont mind too much :)
PopEmUp  +   2697d ago
well good choice
since u have no ps3 friend btw I'm the opposite

PeS2009 [PS3]


Motorstorm 2 [ps3]

RFOM 2 [Ps3]

white Knight Chronicle [PS3]

well that all I can think atm
IzKyD1331  +   2697d ago
anyone else not gonna get their hopes up only to be disappointed?
Hellsvacancy  +   2697d ago
Even if mirrors edge flops in shouldnt affect your own judgement, personally im not that bothered about mirrors edge ill give the demo a try so if i like it its a bonus,

Theres plenty of other games this fall im more interested but u never know
robotnik  +   2697d ago
This game seems promising, even if its from EA.
lelo  +   2697d ago
It's published by EA, but made by DICE (makers of the Battlefield series)
Ozzyb  +   2696d ago
Yea, this game looks awesome. Just turned on my PS3 and no demo, so boo..

Silogon  +   2697d ago
Man, PSN might blow up today... If this is true, I expect or rather anticipate tedious download speeds. WOW!
Why o why  +   2697d ago
i tell u what then
you go for the demos first and ill go for the full games.
LordMe  +   2697d ago
I am trying not to get hyped... But the games seems so promising. I am just hoping for the best, but expecting an average game.
Dream Machine  +   2697d ago
I'm glad theres a demo, I love the concept of this game but a lot of games this gen have had good concepts that failed to deliver. Any idea what time the store updates? I have to go out soon >_<
dro  +   2697d ago
YES!!!! i have been waiting to play this game so bad.
bumnut  +   2697d ago
still not changed your pic i see!
bunbun777  +   2697d ago
the world needs more towlies, not less...
Mc187  +   2697d ago
While your waiting for the update
"Don't forget to bring a towel"!
LordMe  +   2697d ago
@Dream Machine
Normally the PSN update is at 5PM EST
Dream Machine  +   2697d ago
Thanks, I'll get it later then! Oh and bubbles.
superman  +   2697d ago
This better be true.. This better be TRUE.
mratcliffe22  +   2697d ago
will be interesting to see if this actually transfers into a playable game
predator  +   2697d ago
Still not on Live...come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Wipeout HD Hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!
kazuma  +   2697d ago
that's awesome, i'm looking forward to trying it.
god this week is full of surprises and disappointments.
littlebigplanet beta, mirror's edge demo, wipeout hd all awesome.
burnout trophy patch - disappointing
peowpeow  +   2697d ago
Impressions of the game pleaseee
Fishy Fingers  +   2697d ago
Well they confirmed a demo was coming, I believe the Dev mentioned that pre-orders will receive a code which unlocks Time Trial mode in the demo.

Didn't expect them to drop it without warning though, I hope this comes good, Id really like to see if I can have an epileptic fit and motion sickness all in one day ;)
BlinkGT  +   2697d ago
No demo today
The demo was planned for today one week ago but EA said no. This news is wrong, sorry guys.
Dissidia  +   2697d ago
Demo or no demo, the PS Store is getting a pretty big update today
jay2  +   2697d ago
good to read I've got something to play.
Assassin Nawabi  +   2697d ago
this is gonna be awesome...if its true that is
thereapersson  +   2697d ago
Wipeout HD is out today as well on the PSN! Everyone rejoice for the great games that are coming our way!
Strop77  +   2697d ago
But when????
Ive been waiting all day for it but there's nothing so far...PSN, please hurry!
na2ru1  +   2697d ago
it always arrives during evening
should kno that by now
KiddyBrownTurd  +   2697d ago
wait b3yond
enkeixpress  +   2697d ago
It doesn't make any sense...
"Electronic Arts released today the playable demo of Mirror's edge, on 26 September. Le téléchargement sera gratuit sur le Xbox Live et le PlayStation Network. The download is free on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network."

The 26th...? Thats tommorow guys.
juuken  +   2697d ago

I'm looking forward to the demo if true.
theEnemy  +   2697d ago
A Demo is always a good thing.

acheashadow  +   2697d ago
Has this actually appeared on the XBLM yet?
mboojigga  +   2697d ago
Not really excited about this game from what I have seen so far. It is going to have to really show me somthing to expect from the final version.
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