Media Create sales (4/3/17 - 4/9/17)

This week's Japanese hardware and software sales include the latest sales for Switch.

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Neonridr377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

error on the chart, Zelda is listed twice, both as Wii U titles.

Geobros377d ago

Switch is leading for one more week. I am curious to see the next weeks in Japan, if the numbers will stay stable.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory377d ago

of course it will. It going to lead into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and we got a Direct today.
Splatoon 2 news is gonna pump people up if any pre-order opens and then if they announce another testfire or event to try the game you better believe sales will jump in Japan.

ABizzel1377d ago

It should lead the next few months. 3DS sales ave declined, so it's only natural 3DS sales being to stabilize as 3DS and Wii U users pick up the new Nintendo platform.

It seems like it's going to stabilize around the 25 - 30k mark, which isn't bad at all, but it's definitely not where Nintendo wants it considering the 3DS did the same thing and they had the price drop just 4 months after it stabilized in the market.

We'll see if the same happens to the Switch.

The 10th Rider377d ago

Mario Kart will give it a few weeks boost at the end of April. Then we'll see some downtime, likely around that 25-30k mark, until Arms releases, giving a decent boost for a couple weeks, then Splatoon 2 hits and it'll light up the charts for a month or so. After that it's anyone's guess. Either way it doesn't look like we'll get a stabilized number until towards the end of summer. If Fire Emblem Warriors hits the end of August that will make it even harder to determine a baseline.

377d ago
Moonman377d ago

Switch is doing awesome in Japan.