Inside the next Xbox: Project Scorpio and its brand-new dev kit

In which Gamasutra goes to Microsoft, takes an in-depth look at the Project Scorpio dev kit and sits down to chat with Xbox chief Phil Spencer and other folks involved with its design.

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Nyxus410d ago

The dev kit looks pretty cool. I wouldn't mind if the consumer version looked similar to that.

christocolus410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Scorpio will definitely have a similar design. Rich Leadbetter (DF) says he was very impressed with what they showed him, and he hopes MS shows it to the public the same way it was shown to him.

lawgone410d ago

Why did 2 people vote that down?

christocolus410d ago


Dunno..Maybe they're unhappy. who knows?

4Sh0w410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Yeah it looks fine but personally I'd prefer something a little bit more "fresh" than the plain boxy design, perhaps a beveled top with a nice industrial design and subtle but quality looking LED pattern, while everything else looks the same as X1, you know kind of look as it's the same console but makes you see visually that its a significant upgrade too.....I know it's not a big deal and completely unnecessary just thinking out loud.

Bigpappy409d ago

I done think it will look live the Dev kit. More like the one behind it to the left.

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annoyedgamer410d ago

It looks like an eraser! Please no. All they have to do is look at the Nvidia Shield for inspiration.

DARK_WOLF410d ago

No the og ps4 looks like an eraser.

This looks good

donthate410d ago (Edited 410d ago )


Oh the irony! lmao!

410d ago
angelsx410d ago

If Scorpio can achieve the option 1080/60fps and 4k/30fps or unlocked i'm sold.

OMGitzThatGuy410d ago

Ask your local devs for the option.

LexHazard79410d ago

@OMG, well they need the hardware capable of giving us said resolution and framerates.

Nybz410d ago

Hoping it has some sick LED's that change the consoles color depending on which game is being played.

Maybe add a spoiler too, with an hood scoop.

ImGumbyDammit410d ago

From the picture the developer kit looks to be slightly bulkier than the Xbox One S. So my expectations are that Scorpio (whatever external design it has) will also be around that size (much smaller than the original and slightly larger than the S).

410d ago
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KionicWarlord222410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Great article here.

People need to check out the led on the devkit it says 60 fps on there.

Thats cool devs get the information like that.

" “One of the things that's been really encouraging to us is, most people who are used to doing hardware bring-up, usually its a couple weeks to get games just physically running on it, let alone at performance. What we've seen with some of the middleware partners, the first-party and third-party partners, people have actually been able to come in, get their game running, and running at 4K, in less than a day,” said Ronald."

Less then a day? Impressive

christocolus410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Yeah i saw the part about 60fps and Games running in 4K in a day? Amazing. .

" it can be toggled to replicate Xbox One, One S, or Scorpio, and incorporates a host of devs’ requested changes."

"You can just write to the original set of [Xbox One] requirements that we have today, and then we'll do the work to make sure that it actually runs better. But [developers] don't have to do any custom work for Scorpio."

cant wait for the reveal.

slate91410d ago

People need to take off their sony glasses and give props where its due. This involves getting games on the system. The things trolls have been on this site saying they "wish" xbox had.

lawgone410d ago

Sadly, that'll never happen here.

Rude-ro410d ago

People look at the company and its history, not a console.
Microsoft needs to create a new history that brings back confidence. Most people trolling the Scorpio actually have stronger valid points than those defending it...
Everybody is wearing sunglasses. "Give props"... for what? Spending the last year talking about a new console over any real reason to invest into their gaming business like games?
I understand there are the "fans"... but those fans were so small, that they are having to rebrand their gaming decisions. These decisions are still not building confidence and since NOTHING has been showing that is new, there is no props to give.
There are only those that hope that it will be worth the purchase, those that are frothing at the mouth to brag about the differences(of which they spent the last 3 years saying games not power, and those that are waiting for Microsoft to actually prove they are in the gaming business and not going to monopolize their way to have the gaming business.

slate91410d ago

Rude-ro, stop replying to my comments and following me man lol. We know where your allegiance is and what your comment history says. We get it. Bye.

trooper_410d ago

No one implied that it wasn't impressive but let's see Microsoft step it up with games.

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Kribwalker410d ago

It's super impressive. I can't wait to see it with running games made for it like forza 7 and Modor

410d ago
XanderZane410d ago

Damn a 4k native 60fps Modor game is making me drool right now. I'm just thinking about the details and the action. I loved the first game and the performance of the game wasn't the best on the XB1. Game was a lot of fun though. Now it's going to be even more incredible

410d ago
AX7410d ago


And what's wrong with their history? Seems to me the og xbox and 360 were loved by millions.
The x1, while not as loved, isn't as hated as you hive mind drones like to pretend.

As far as "giving props" only the truest of haters would deny them that. They were knocked for delivering a system that was considered under powered by sony enthusiast. Scorpio is going back to their roots, and that is having a very powerful system to play games on.

Just because you seem to think their game library sucks, that doesn't make it so, nor does that mean your avg gamer thinks that as well.

"nothing shown that is new...." yeah oooooooooooooooooook. You're in full denial. Consistent native....I repeat, NATIVE 4k, HDMI 2.1, and atmos support are new features. The ease of development is also groundbreaking. You act as though they're simply releasing a slim version of the x1.

"There are only those that hope that it will be worth the purchase, those that are frothing at the mouth to brag about the differences(of which they spent the last 3 years saying games not power, and those that are waiting for Microsoft to actually prove they are in the gaming business and not going to monopolize their way to have the gaming business."

Games do matter, but thankfully, we'll have games and the power to wow us. You know, the fact we don't get JRPG's doesn't really make us in xboxland all that sad. See, both companies offer good to great exclusives. Sony doesn't own the market in that respect.

Yeah, MS is the big bad evil corp. So odd that an "anti-consumer" company(which is what your ilk called it back in 2013) would give us a heads up that a better system than the s would release. Strange this evil business would work towards having customers carry their games forward to a new system rather than make us buy them again.
Yet the company behind rootkit, and the one that tried it's best to screw nintendo over, and one that filed a patent for DRM is the white knight of the gaming world.

Newsflash, sony doesn't love you or care about you. Hope that doesn't rock your world too much.

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AizenSosuke410d ago

So the lines between next and mid gen is quite blurry now.

lawgone410d ago

Nice to hear Spencer say they are already working on next gen though. That means they're thinking about where the Scorpio will position compared to next gen. I'm guessing next gen will be very robust hardware wise.

XanderZane410d ago

Yes, which is a good thing. They are already thinking about the next gen XBox before the Scorpio even releases.

Well we'll know how expensive it will be because the PS5 will probably be out before the Scorpio 2.

cbuc1125410d ago

No it isnt blurry. The next gen machines will use something akin to a Zen CPU, Vega GPU, 3D stacked RAM, and will have numbers that far surpass Scorpio and PRO. Microsoft is doing a very good job making you think otherwise.

1908-PB410d ago

343_Guilty_Spark--- THERE ISNT ANY

donthate410d ago

Technically they no longer exist on Xbox either.

XanderZane410d ago

There are no generations on PC, which is why most gamers don't like to compare console games to PC. Consoles are a stagnate system, while PC's are constantly being upgraded.

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timotim410d ago

For MS there is no "next-gen", that's what some of you don't understand. Sure, MS's next console will be even more robust, but it wont be a "new generation" in the historical sense.

XanderZane410d ago

The next XBox console after Scorpio will be part of the 9th generation along with the Switch and PS5.

slavish0410d ago

It is if u want to make it. Listening is a good skill to have

410d ago
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Bigpappy410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Its funny to me seeing it on a server rack. They look to be really focus on 60fps as a standard.

yankolo410d ago

Looooooks goooooood...gimme a price

ShadowKnight410d ago

Believe me you don't want to know the premium price yet

freshslicepizza410d ago

Lol, said the guy who says he has a nvidia 1080 video card that he will have paid more for.

ShadowKnight410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

I'm talking about for casual gamers. The price will be to high. Nice try though Moldy. They can buy a Xbox one S for cheaper since it will play the same games. 😅

Btw I've showed people on here I have a gtx 1080 including the infamous Rookie_monster.

timotim410d ago

Ahhh...but for "casual gamers", MS has a console called the Xbox One S and it will most likely be $199 and plays all the games Scorpio will this holiday haha. Give it up're not good enough to match your hate levels...

freshslicepizza410d ago

Shadow you are trying way too hard trying to downplay anything good about Scorpio.

First you act like it's of no use to PC gamers such as yourself and now you want to be the voice of reason for the casuals out there that's it's going to be overly expensive.

christocolus410d ago


Just ignore him. since the Scorpio spec reveal he has been working overly hard to downplay it. his insecurity is showing.

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