Dark Athena "almost done", The Darkness 2 "unlikely"

An administrator on the Starbreeze forum have confirmed that The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena is "just about done" and is looking for a publisher. Regarding The Darkness 2, the administrator replied with a "unlikely" to happen statement. These are his exact words:

"Yup, Project Redlime is in production. That is all we can say.
As for Darkness 2, it's not impossible but quite unlikely.
Dark Athena is just about done. And the big boys are deciding who is going to publish it.

That is all we can say for now :)"

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The Lazy One3461d ago

Totally pumped for this game... I just wish I could see screenshots. This pormises to be mind blowing. It looked amazing on last gen tech!


ToastyMcNibbles3461d ago

noooooo i want the darkness 2!! the first one was really great still one of my favorite games from last year...awesome storytelling, kick ass action and a great art direction...i really do hope a sequel comes

BattleAxe3461d ago

I totally agree Toastman, I loved The Darkness. There hasn't been a game since, that has had a story and mood setting that has drawn me in like The Darkness did.

FCOLitsjustagame3460d ago

I would personally rather have had a Riddick 2 rather then a Darkness. So I guess we get the best of both worlds, but a Riddick 2 should come before a Darkness 2 and they should just rotate back and fourth (but I doubt they will).

MK_Red3461d ago

WTF? Riddick has no publisher?
Also, please make Darkness 2 SB. I really loved the original. Plus it sold pretty well.

LikAChicken3461d ago

Chronicles of Riddick is cool...
That story was so interesting to me! I wanted to see what happened with Jackie and everything. Plus I think there was supposed to be Angelus in there or something like that. The story was going to build up to something epic!

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