Far Cry 2 - All nine playable characters' full details, images included

VG247: Far Cry 2 has a very good chance of being completely amazing, and, thankfully, there are still plenty of surprises left for all you aspiring virtual mercenaries. Did you know there were nine playable characters in the game? We didn't. Until we went to Ubi UK's offices and took pictures of all the relevant splash screens, obviously.

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ScubaSam213316d ago

I am pretty stoked for this game. It looks to surpass the 1st one in every way possible.

Chubear3316d ago

I think I'll be using the Singh guy.

J BO3315d ago

I don't want to ruin the game for me so, I wont see the characters.

bouncybullet3315d ago

I'm pretty sure that these are multiplayer characters.

Because these are the NPCs that give you missions in the game.

PLUS, the main character that has been used in every single gameplay video isn't any of those guys either so.... yeah.

robotnik3315d ago

Bioshock and Far Cry, looks like the perfect job for me.