Spong Review: Wipeout HD

When the original PlayStation landed in Europe back in 1995 one of the best launch games was a strangely capitalised title from Liverpool-based Psygnosis called wipEout. With its combination of Designer's Republic-styling, dance music soundtrack and speedy game play, wipEout was an instant hit, topping sales charts and gathering critical acclaim.

As you would expect, WipEout HD sticks quite firmly to the winning game-play formula that its predecessors have established. You race around tight tracks in high-speed hover vehicles, using weapon pick-ups and speed pads to try and make sure you finish first out of the eight racers. Points for gold, silver and bronze medals open up new events and speed classes.

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BulletToothtony3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

you have to learn the tracks extremely well if you want to go at full speed....

seems like he got frustrated and didn't like it at the end.. weird review.. a little too low for how good he says it really is but oh well.

and guess what... I'm Buying it first thing tomorrow..

gaffyh3736d ago

I really hate it when reviewers give the game a low score because hey thought it was difficult.

Silogon3736d ago

It's Sponge, who takes them serious anyways? It's like saying Kotaku, Destructoid and Gamespot are reliable, trust worthy sites. I'm sure WipeoutHD is going to be a great game. A little bit expensive, but I'll still buy it.

Why o why3736d ago

PMA FTW...... and yes i agree

St03736d ago

A little bit expensive!?!?! wtf lol

boodybandit3736d ago

@ around $20 dollars (U.S.)?

tangerine3736d ago

Loser reviewer.
I'm glad studioL Liverpool did not dumb this down for d1cks like him, or Wii owners. Yes you slow down quick on a bump....learn how to f()cking play games NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB! It's wip3out!!!
Go and play Kirby's pink fluffy bunny or something.

p.s. It's wankers like this that have influenced Capcom to make sf4 suck balls. Easy inputs for special moves in a Japanese fighter?.....Sheesh....what is the world coming to.

thereapersson3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Bubble for your sensible post.

My thoughts on the matter? Awww, what's wrong? 60fps racing action a little too much for this n00b racer?

I'm just glad Capcom made Mega Man 9 so controller-throwing hard, because it requires gamers to hearken back to an age where memorization and skill were MANDATORY.

(PS), the graphics in this game are some of the best i've ever seen this generation. Great job, Studio Liverpool on achieving what most developers can only dream of achieving in this generation on consoles!

1900 X 1080p resolution NATIVE (that means NOT UPSCALED, for all the 360-only owners out there) at 60 frames per second = racing NIRVANA.

dro3736d ago

ive been usd to wipeout since the early days of sony so i will not have a problem getting high speed... ;D

PSN ID IS JON_ABOBO if u wanna get owned add me... :D

DeZimatoR3736d ago

And WipEout HD is expensive you say? 12$/18€? Are you f*cking joking?

Anyways, this review is absolutely lame, and the score makes it look like the game is nothing special. They just seem to ignore the fact that...hmmm, for example, the game looks better than any other racing game out there, bar GT5: Prologue.

If this game was on another console (hum hum) every reviewer would be on about how gorgeous it looks and how complete it is despite being a downloadable game only. I'm really sick of this bias, its discusting.

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The story is too old to be commented.