Fable Creator on 'Big Mistake' He Made With the Series

Instead having a 500-year gap between the first two games, Molyneux wishes they made it a 50-year leap instead.

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523d ago
Nu523d ago

I guess the Franchise is dormant for now.
It would be smart if Microsoft would copy Zelda BoTW for the new Fable if it's not dead.

Prince_TFK523d ago

Good idea. But make it more mature like the Witcher 3 and you got a winner.

DanteVFenris666523d ago

Fable is not supposed to be "mature" whatever that means. It's goofy and wacky

Armaggedon523d ago

No, let's not do that. Fable has its own quitks, and it had massive potential. They just could not deliver on that potential: making your choices more than just new dialogue and a jot down in your journal.

dkp23523d ago

I dont think it needs to be more mature but should be open world rpg type game.

Prince_TFK522d ago

In Fable 3 I just hate that when you become a king and go to talk to the commoners to solve their issues, they talk to you and treat you like garbage.

Goofy game or not things like this need to change however. It breaks the immersion.

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VenomUK523d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if all the work Lionhead put into Fable Legends is re-purposed into Fable IV with a reveal at E3!

Razzer523d ago

Why do you make every post Nintendo related?

babadivad522d ago

That would be so fucking awesome. A Fable game with all it's quirks and humor in a truly open world setting would be heaven.

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Yi-Long523d ago

I really loved the potential and art-design the first Fable had, but when it was coming up to it's release, we saw that a lot of early promises wouldn't be held up. In the end, it was still an enjoyable little game, but certainly nowhere near the open epic experience where you could go and be and do whatever you wanted.

523d ago
Yohshida523d ago

Cant wait for the reboot in 2018/9

Razzer523d ago

Has that been announced?

Yohshida523d ago

according to "insiders" sooooo nope. But it would make sense to have this franchise back people still love. Also, they would have sold the IP if they didn't have any plans with it.

Razzer523d ago

Hope it is true. Fable 2 was one of my favorite 360 games.

But they wouldn't sell the IP either way. All these companies have tons of IP with no actual plans to utilize them.

Lime123522d ago

Keep hoping. Fable is dead.

Godmars290523d ago

Doing interviews, like this one?

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